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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Helping Kids Through #GrowGolf Fundraising Campaign!!

The #GrowGolf Campaign is designed to raise money for two golf foundations that "Help Kids Through Golf".  

The idea behind the campaign was thought of by Kyle Hrubes, CEO of Hrubes Sportz. It is the goal of Kyle and Hrubes Sportz to grow awareness and the popularity of the hashtag #GrowGolf. By raising the popularity #GrowGolf it will give all golf foundations a universal way to help grow the game. What better way to spread the word and raise money than via a T-shirt. 

The #GrowGolf T-Shirt is a Premium American Apparel Crew and is available in 10 different colors. With high quality digital printing this really is a great shirt at a great price for and for a wonderful cause. Also this campaign can only run for a very limited time. The last day you will be able to get theses shirts and support #GrowGolf is Tuesday September 22nd. 
American Apparel #GrowGolf Tshirt
At least Half of all profits from the shirts will be split between the two Foundations evenly. With our goal to sell 1,000 shirts we expect to raise $6,000 or more for these foundations. We hope to meet our goal of 1,000 so we can keep production cost down leaving more for fundraising.  

The foundations that have been selected are those that strictly grow the game by helping kids. 

Since Hrubes Sportz is based in the New Orleans area it was only natural that they selected The Fore Kids Foundation. Fore Kids is the driving force behind the Zurich Classic of New Orleans, the areas only PGA Tour event. "The Fore Kids Foundation has raised nearly $26 million to date, providing healthcare, education and hope for over 200,000 children each year."

The other foundation, also in the region on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is the Gulf Coast Junior Golf Foundation. Their number one mission is, "to make golf  lessons and playing opportunities available to the youth and underprivileged so all can enjoy the benefits of Golf's life lessons: Honesty, Responsibility, Creativity, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Sportsmanship, Confidence and Respect."

As you can see both foundations are well worth raising money for. We are running this campaign for a limited time supporting these foundations. If this campaign is a success consideration will be given in doing more campaigns like this in the future for other golf foundations, not only along the Gulf Coast but around the nation.

Share, tell your family and friends and lets help #GrowGolf through helping kids. The more we spread the word the better for the cause, the foundations and the children. Again these shirts and this campaign will only run for a very limited time and Tuesday September, 22nd will be the final day.

When this campaign is over you can visit to see how much was raised. We will also be doing a follow up article to this as well. 


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