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Monday, September 21, 2015

9 Best Mobile Apps For Runners

Not long ago if you wanted to track your running there were not many options. Running watches became available, but were limited to only time and maybe distance, which was based on the time. Outside of a notebook to track your distance, time etc..., there were not many options available at all. Today with Smartphones things have changed.

Today's smartphone technology has made many things available at our fingertips. Calendars, phone books, pictures, and more all right in the palm of your hand making our lives more simple. The addition of app marketplaces such as Google Play and the App Store from Apple has taken simplicity to another level for us. There are apps for just about everything now and some made what was seemingly impossible become possible.

Tracking your running performance has never been easier than it is today. Tracking distance, time, calories, and more can all be done from apps. Some running apps are specific to what they help you track and others can do it all in one. Some are more than just an app for running and will track all your fitness as well. It all depends on what you want to track and what your performance goals are as to what one would be best for you.

Below are 9 of the best and most popular apps available for runners:

1. RUNKEEPER - A running community that helps you get started and stay on track. This app allows you to connect with friends to share progress. Tracks distance, pace, time and routes. Keeps you motivated with challenges. Has a "Runkeeper DJ" for playlist of the music you love. Compare your runs to others in the community with their workout comparison. Has prescribed workouts and a goal coach.

2. RUNTASTIC -  More than just a running app. This tracks walking, biking, hiking and more. Using the GPS in your phone you can map your routes and track your sports and fitness activities. 20+ different features and benefits for keeping a diary, live tracking, syncs with Google Fit, and GeoTagging allowing you to take pictures of where you were running or working out. Runtastic also has addition harware hey sell that aids in what there app does.

3. MAP MY RUN - This is one of the more popular running apps available today. Map your route, track your activity, log your food and share with friends. Find great runs in popular cities or create your own. Improve your performances with challenges, training plans, BMI calculator and calorie calculator.  Easy connect with Facebook to share your runs with those friends and family not connected to the app.

4. NIKE + RUNNING - This app is designed to help you reach your goals, tracking your time, distance, pace and route. Has an in-run experience to bring multiple controls under one view. Theme color options. Spotify and Itunes integration allows you to stream music through the app. Also allows you to take, and tag photo's with social sharing.

5. ENDOMONDO SPORTS TRACKER - Designed as an overall fitness app tracks over 40+ sports. It has two main features, personal trainer and social motivator. The personal trainer feature allows for tracking workout goals, history, real time gps tracking ad more with heart rate sensors to connect to a heart rate monitor. The social motivator allows you to challenge friends, discover routes, send and receive pep talks. Connected to a global fitness community and the ability to enjoy the app in multiple languages. This app also available on Blackberry and Windows phones.

6. ROCK MY RUN - This app is all about the music you listen to while running. As the name of the app suggest it's purpose is to Rock Your Run. High energy mixes with my beat technology allowing you to adjust the tempo of the music to your pace. Music from professional DJ's, search by genre, with user rating and comments. 

7. PUMATRAC - All the basics you need for a run, with insights from spotify playlist, social leaderboards to interact with other runners, and treadmill toggle for those indoor runs. All features are designed to help you discover how you perform best. Discover a running community and new routes globally. 

8. STRAVA RUNNING & CYCLING - Track, analyze, compare, compete and challenge yourself. Use of multiple devices such as a garmin gps to your smartphone depending on your mood. Explore areas with city guides. View all your activities on their website. Join runs races and challenges. 

9. Zombies Run - This is a unique running app that brings in a game of survival from zombies. Build a base, get chased by zombies and challenge 200 missions. Create your own missions. Walk run or jog. Use anywhere, in the gym, outdoors, or indoors. Said to be the largest smartphone fitness game ever with over 1 million players. 

Enjoy one of these apps to change how you run or to get you started. Some of these apps have premium (paid) features available as well. We hope this has been helpful and informative for you. Please leave any comments below if you know of any other running apps that may be helpful to our readers or have any personal experience with one we mentioned above. 

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