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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

8 Pinterest Accounts To Follow About Fishing

Last week we did a post about 15 Gifts For The Fish Lover In your Life. That article got us thinking and we realized it is not easy to find many things about fishing that keeps you up to date and informed or gives you tips on fishing. That is what lead us to write today about 10 Pinterest Accounts To Follow About Fishing. 

We searched Pinterest for the best about fishing. Surprisingly there are not that many. Some of the leaders in the industry do not even have a Pinterest account. We find this shocking since Pinterest has not only become popular, but has allowed companies to promote and drive sales much faster than other social media sites. Pinterest is all about images and images are shared on all social media sites 70% more than anything without an image.

So what can you expect from theses 8 Pinterest accounts we recommend? First off you can expect to see exactly what you want to see. Unlike other social media accounts, with Pinterest you can follow specific boards and do not have to follow everything from that account. For example if you were to follow Bass Pro Shops you can specify to follow only their fishing board, Drop a Line, and not everything they post. 

The following list covers fishing products, fishing magazines, conservation, fishing tips, boating tips, and fishing news. 

1. Matrix Shad - Fast becoming a leader for lures and jigheads, Matirx Shad is one of, if not, the most popular fishing Lure for fishing in Southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region. Although their, "Lemon Head" is probably their best seller they do have a great variety. One of the best priced lures on the market today as well. 

2. Coastal Conservation Association - Better known as CCA, their main purpose is to advise and educate the public on conservation of marine resources. With 206 chapters in 17 states the main objective of CCA is to conserve, promote, and enhance the present and future availability of those coastal resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public. They also hold annual fishing tournaments in many states with great prizes. 
Website -- Pinterest Page

3. Orange Beach Fishing Association - Orange Beach Alabama, is one of the most popular destinations people travel to for offshore charter fishing trips. The Orange Beach Fishing Association are the experts when it comes to all kinds of fishing in and around the Orange Beach area and the Gulf of Mexico. Their website has fish species information, regulations and limits, as well as tips to charter fishing. Find that and more like fish recipes on their Pinterest page.
Website -- Pinterest Page

4. Field and Stream Magazine - Having been around for a long time, Field and Stream is the most popular magazine for fishing and hunting. Covering just about everything in the industry you know what to expect from them. They have the most up to date news, tips, stories and more in every issue. Informative, educational, and entertaining is the best way to sum them up.
Website -- Pinterest Page

5. Okuma Fishing Tackle - With advanced materials, dynamic designs, and a commitment to longevity, Okuma is setting a new standard to what you should expect from a fishing rod and reel. They have products that range from beginners to experts and are not just about rods and reels. You can find tackle bags, backpacks, and other accessories as well.
Website -- Pinterest Page

6. Discover Boating - More about boating than just fishing, but a big part of fishing is boating. Discover Boating is a public awareness effort managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association on behalf of the North American recreational boating industry. Programs focus on increasing participation and creating interest in recreational boating by demonstrating the benefits, affordability and accessibility of the boating lifestyle while helping educate potential boaters.
Website -- Pinterest Page

7. Sport Fishing Magazine - Also owned by the same parent corporation as Field and Stream, this magazine however is strictly about fishing. They cover travel, how to's, fishing gear and electronics, as well as boats. They have their own TV show, Sport Fishing, you can watch weekly on Fox Sun Sports on catch some episodes on their website.
Website -- Pinterest Page

8. Yeti Coolers - Arguably the best coolers ever made for fishing, you know with a Yeti your ice will not melt and your fish can stay fresh for a long time. You would think fishing was the only thing in mind when Yeti designed it's first cooler. The design and technology features that make their coolers really is state of the art and as their motto goes is "Built For the Wild".
Website -- Pinterest Page

Those are the best Pinterest accounts to follow about fishing. We hope you have found this very informative and helpful. If you have any other suggestions of accounts to follow please let our other readers know in the comments section below.

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