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Monday, September 14, 2015

7 Pinterest Accounts To Follow About Softball

With so many social media outlets we know when it comes to following a certain sport you love it can be difficult. When it comes to Softball it can be even more so when there is not a lot of national or even local media coverage of the sport.

Sure there are plenty of specific companies, organizations or sports media you can follow on Twitter and Facebook, but most are only on those two. Some may be on the other top social sites like, Google+ or Tumblr, but many are not on all of them. Plus not all websites show their social media sites on there pages, so you may never know which ones they are on. Take ESPN for example, there is nothing to suggest on their site they have a Facebook and Twitter page except for what appears to be a feed from those pages on their right sidebar. . They do however have a Google+ page (no post since Dec 2014) and a very hard to find Pinterest account.

Now, when it comes to Pinterest for some reason many companies or organizations that have an account do not advertise that they do. Fox Sports for example has a Pinterest account, but on the bottom of their website they only promote to follow 5 of their 7 social media accounts.

Softball is hard enough to find web pages dedicated to the sport, let alone where to find it on social media. Usually you only find out from friends or family when you do know of them. With that being said, we have put together a list of Pinterest accounts you can follow for Softball news, information, tips, quotes and more.

Yes you can get on Pinterest and search for softball, but you will get a huge mix of results from just pins, boards, or pinners related to softball. We did the searching for you and found all of the accounts listed below to be the best for all about softball and not just random pins or boards.  

1. National Pro Fastpitch - This is the only known professional softball league we know of. Their pins are all about the professional teams, magazine covers, equipment, and few other things. You can most likely find accounts for each individual team as well. To learn more about their league and teams visit

2. Wilson Demarini - Maker of some of the best softball bats on the market. Their Pinterest account is a good source to follow for their products, promotions and other company things.

3. Softball Tutor - This may be the best account for tips and comes from a softball coach with over 20 years experience.

4. Softball Rampage - This is another great company to follow for the latest on softball products, such as bats, gloves, bags and much much more.

5. Softball Fastpitch TV - Over 1k pins all dedicated to softball. Drills, training aids, and pins from their tv and radio. They cover the most softball of anyone.

6. Softball Inspiration - One of only two on our list that is not all dedicated to softball, but we had to add them due to them having the best for softball quotes of motivation and inspiration.

7. SKLZ Sport + Performance Training - Sklz is a great company that makes some of the best training aids for many sports. Their softball board is not about more than just the great product they have.

You can also follow our Pinterest Softball Board for tips, drills, product reviews and more. In the future we will do another similar post of softball accounts to follow on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. In the mean time we hope you have enjoyed this article. Please feel free to share with friends or leave any comments below.

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