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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

8 Pinterest Accounts To Follow About Fishing

Last week we did a post about 15 Gifts For The Fish Lover In your Life. That article got us thinking and we realized it is not easy to find many things about fishing that keeps you up to date and informed or gives you tips on fishing. That is what lead us to write today about 10 Pinterest Accounts To Follow About Fishing. 

We searched Pinterest for the best about fishing. Surprisingly there are not that many. Some of the leaders in the industry do not even have a Pinterest account. We find this shocking since Pinterest has not only become popular, but has allowed companies to promote and drive sales much faster than other social media sites. Pinterest is all about images and images are shared on all social media sites 70% more than anything without an image.

So what can you expect from theses 8 Pinterest accounts we recommend? First off you can expect to see exactly what you want to see. Unlike other social media accounts, with Pinterest you can follow specific boards and do not have to follow everything from that account. For example if you were to follow Bass Pro Shops you can specify to follow only their fishing board, Drop a Line, and not everything they post. 

The following list covers fishing products, fishing magazines, conservation, fishing tips, boating tips, and fishing news. 

1. Matrix Shad - Fast becoming a leader for lures and jigheads, Matirx Shad is one of, if not, the most popular fishing Lure for fishing in Southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region. Although their, "Lemon Head" is probably their best seller they do have a great variety. One of the best priced lures on the market today as well. 

2. Coastal Conservation Association - Better known as CCA, their main purpose is to advise and educate the public on conservation of marine resources. With 206 chapters in 17 states the main objective of CCA is to conserve, promote, and enhance the present and future availability of those coastal resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public. They also hold annual fishing tournaments in many states with great prizes. 
Website -- Pinterest Page

3. Orange Beach Fishing Association - Orange Beach Alabama, is one of the most popular destinations people travel to for offshore charter fishing trips. The Orange Beach Fishing Association are the experts when it comes to all kinds of fishing in and around the Orange Beach area and the Gulf of Mexico. Their website has fish species information, regulations and limits, as well as tips to charter fishing. Find that and more like fish recipes on their Pinterest page.
Website -- Pinterest Page

4. Field and Stream Magazine - Having been around for a long time, Field and Stream is the most popular magazine for fishing and hunting. Covering just about everything in the industry you know what to expect from them. They have the most up to date news, tips, stories and more in every issue. Informative, educational, and entertaining is the best way to sum them up.
Website -- Pinterest Page

5. Okuma Fishing Tackle - With advanced materials, dynamic designs, and a commitment to longevity, Okuma is setting a new standard to what you should expect from a fishing rod and reel. They have products that range from beginners to experts and are not just about rods and reels. You can find tackle bags, backpacks, and other accessories as well.
Website -- Pinterest Page

6. Discover Boating - More about boating than just fishing, but a big part of fishing is boating. Discover Boating is a public awareness effort managed by the National Marine Manufacturers Association on behalf of the North American recreational boating industry. Programs focus on increasing participation and creating interest in recreational boating by demonstrating the benefits, affordability and accessibility of the boating lifestyle while helping educate potential boaters.
Website -- Pinterest Page

7. Sport Fishing Magazine - Also owned by the same parent corporation as Field and Stream, this magazine however is strictly about fishing. They cover travel, how to's, fishing gear and electronics, as well as boats. They have their own TV show, Sport Fishing, you can watch weekly on Fox Sun Sports on catch some episodes on their website.
Website -- Pinterest Page

8. Yeti Coolers - Arguably the best coolers ever made for fishing, you know with a Yeti your ice will not melt and your fish can stay fresh for a long time. You would think fishing was the only thing in mind when Yeti designed it's first cooler. The design and technology features that make their coolers really is state of the art and as their motto goes is "Built For the Wild".
Website -- Pinterest Page

Those are the best Pinterest accounts to follow about fishing. We hope you have found this very informative and helpful. If you have any other suggestions of accounts to follow please let our other readers know in the comments section below.

Monday, September 28, 2015

7 Cartoons About Tennis That'll Brighten Your Day

This is for all our Tennis lovers. We haven't talked about tennis in a while so we wanted to do something fun. We searched the internet and this is what we found.

Theses 7 cartoons are sure to brighten your day . You don't even have to play tennis to enjoy them.








**Please note we are not the creators of theses cartoons. We searched the internet and found them. We can not and do not take credit for them. The credit goes to the artist / creators, however we unfortunately do not know who they are.**

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

15 Gifts for the Fishing Lover in Your Life

Fishing is an ancient practice that dates back over 40,000 years. Although the technique and equipment has changed over the years, fishing is still widely practiced all over the world. Today fishing is mostly known as a leisure sport enjoyed by many from all walks of life. 

Recreational fishing is enjoyed in many different geographical locations, types of water and temperatures. The  four major categories of fishing are inshore, offshore, saltwater and freshwater. Depending on your location and the type of fish you like to go after will mostly determine what kind of fishing you do or enjoy. 

Today we are giving you 15 gifts for the fishing lover in your life. However since we are all about sports of the Gulf Coast we will show ideas of gifts that may be specific to fishing in the Gulf Coast Region. Unless specified toward saltwater or offshore most fishing equipment is versatile and can be used anywhere you fish. 

Here are 15 Gifts for the fish lover in your life: 

1. Boom Fishing H1 Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers - Good for cutting line, removing hooks, this is something everyone that fishes should have in their tackle box. Stainless Steel, strong and durable and comes with a belt holder and lifetime guarantee. 

2. Mango Spot LCD Digital Hanging Scale - This is perfect for anyone that wants to know how big the fish they just caught is. Especially helpful for tournament fishing where weight of your catch is important. It is portable with a metal hand strap. Stainless steel durable hook. Automatic calculation with digital readout. Runs on AAA batteries.

3. Lazer Sharp Pier/Jetty Saltwater Tackle Kit - With an assortment of hooks, sinkers, rigs, and tackle for numerous inshore or coastal fishing, this is a great gift. Contains 30 pieces and comes in a reusable plastic fishing box. A great kit for anyone that fishes in saltwater could use. and want. 

4. Rapala Marine Fisherman Glove - Not every person that fishes uses these but they should. Perfect for grabbing fish without getting your hands slimy or smelling like fish. True it is hard to reel in these gloves, but perfect to wear on the hand you don not reel with. Made of a non slip, rubber , cotton, polyester blend. Good for fresh or saltwater. Designed to float. Machine washable. 

5. Dockside Matrix Shad Lemon Head - This is the most popular lure sold by Matrix Shad. For saltwater use the bright lemon color is great when fishing for trout all year round. Other fish will also attack this lure as it takes the light from the surface and makes it almost glow underwater. If you fish in saltwater this is a must have lure. 

6. Humminbird PiranhaMax Color Fishfinder - This is a gift that would only be good for those that have a boat when they fish. For those that do a inexpensive fishfinder is great to have. Looking for that fishing hole in the middle of a lake or open body of water, this will tell you if the fish are under the boat. Dual beam sonar. 3.5" display. 240H x 320V resolution. 256 color screen. Capable of 600ft depth. 

7. Stern High Impact Fishing Line - At some point no matter how much you fish or where you fish, you need to change the line on your fishing reel. Stern is one of the best most reliable and most durable lines on the market. 

8. Folding Portable Fish Fillet Cleaning Table With Sink - A perfect table for the house or the camp. Portable, lightweight and best of all it has a sink. Just hook a hose to it and the sink works. Put a bucket underneath for drainage and easy clean up. Great if you don't want to clean fish on the top of your ice chest or on your counter when you get home. 

9. Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife - Although there is nothing against a regular fillet knife an electric one makes cleaning those fish so much easier and faster. Rapala is one of the most durable and reliable electric knives on the market today. Has a relax grip body. Includes a 110v ac, 12v post clips and 12v lighter plug. Quiet motor. 18ft power cord.

10. Flying Fisherman Polarized Sunglasses - Anyone that fishes should have and wear a pair of polarized sunglasses. The polarization removes the glare off the water allowing you to see better and reduces fatigue on the eyes. Great for those that sight fish as you can see the fish below the water without the glare. Lightweight and durable. Scratch and impact resistance lenses. 95% UVA and UVB protection.

11. Ready to Fish Soft Sided Tackle Bag - A durable bag designed to store and protect all you fishing tackle. Multiple storage compartments. Padded shoulder strap for comfort when carrying. A great versatile bag fro wherever you fish. Lightweight with a lot of great features at a great price.

12. Igloo Marine Cooler - Igloo is a leader in cooler technology. Need a place to keep your fish after you catch them or a place to keep your drinks and sandwiches then this cooler is great for either. Hold ice up to 3 days at 90 degrees fahrenheit. Cool riser technology for improved airflow underneath improving cooling performance. UV resistant exterior. Swing up handles for easy carrying.

13. Boonie Bush Safari Brim Hat With Neck Flap - Something not enough people that fish take seriously and that is sun protection. It is one thing to spray some sunscreen on, but you need to protect your head which also keeps your body cooler. This is a lightweight hat with 3" brim and neck flap for sun protection. 4 grommet eyelets with mesh screen for breathability. Chinstrap with cord lock to help you form losing it.  60% cotton and 40% polyester material.

14. Columbia Men's Terminal Tackle Long Sleeve Polo - This is another great product for sun protection. Lightweight and breathable to wear while fishing during the summer. Moisture wicking and UPF 50 sun protection. Quick dry fabric. 100% polyester. An added benefit of this shirt is that is is also stylish. Good for days on a boat even when you're not fishing.

5. Abu Garcia Ora SX Fishing Reel - Abu garcia is a leader in fishing reels.. All their products are tested for quality and durability. This is a great reel for fresh or saltwater fishing. Made with high quality components. Professional grade.

The above mentioned gift ideas are not in any order, but are considered to be 15 of the top 50 gift products in the fishing industry. Get the fishing lover in your life one of these and you can't go wrong. The other great way to figure out a gift is to ask what that person what he/she may need or want. When it comes to fishing most people are not shy about expressing what they like best, need the most or want the baddest. Have another idea of a gift leave it in the comments below. Our readers ad ourselves would appreciate it.

Monday, September 21, 2015

9 Best Mobile Apps For Runners

Not long ago if you wanted to track your running there were not many options. Running watches became available, but were limited to only time and maybe distance, which was based on the time. Outside of a notebook to track your distance, time etc..., there were not many options available at all. Today with Smartphones things have changed.

Today's smartphone technology has made many things available at our fingertips. Calendars, phone books, pictures, and more all right in the palm of your hand making our lives more simple. The addition of app marketplaces such as Google Play and the App Store from Apple has taken simplicity to another level for us. There are apps for just about everything now and some made what was seemingly impossible become possible.

Tracking your running performance has never been easier than it is today. Tracking distance, time, calories, and more can all be done from apps. Some running apps are specific to what they help you track and others can do it all in one. Some are more than just an app for running and will track all your fitness as well. It all depends on what you want to track and what your performance goals are as to what one would be best for you.

Below are 9 of the best and most popular apps available for runners:

1. RUNKEEPER - A running community that helps you get started and stay on track. This app allows you to connect with friends to share progress. Tracks distance, pace, time and routes. Keeps you motivated with challenges. Has a "Runkeeper DJ" for playlist of the music you love. Compare your runs to others in the community with their workout comparison. Has prescribed workouts and a goal coach.

2. RUNTASTIC -  More than just a running app. This tracks walking, biking, hiking and more. Using the GPS in your phone you can map your routes and track your sports and fitness activities. 20+ different features and benefits for keeping a diary, live tracking, syncs with Google Fit, and GeoTagging allowing you to take pictures of where you were running or working out. Runtastic also has addition harware hey sell that aids in what there app does.

3. MAP MY RUN - This is one of the more popular running apps available today. Map your route, track your activity, log your food and share with friends. Find great runs in popular cities or create your own. Improve your performances with challenges, training plans, BMI calculator and calorie calculator.  Easy connect with Facebook to share your runs with those friends and family not connected to the app.

4. NIKE + RUNNING - This app is designed to help you reach your goals, tracking your time, distance, pace and route. Has an in-run experience to bring multiple controls under one view. Theme color options. Spotify and Itunes integration allows you to stream music through the app. Also allows you to take, and tag photo's with social sharing.

5. ENDOMONDO SPORTS TRACKER - Designed as an overall fitness app tracks over 40+ sports. It has two main features, personal trainer and social motivator. The personal trainer feature allows for tracking workout goals, history, real time gps tracking ad more with heart rate sensors to connect to a heart rate monitor. The social motivator allows you to challenge friends, discover routes, send and receive pep talks. Connected to a global fitness community and the ability to enjoy the app in multiple languages. This app also available on Blackberry and Windows phones.

6. ROCK MY RUN - This app is all about the music you listen to while running. As the name of the app suggest it's purpose is to Rock Your Run. High energy mixes with my beat technology allowing you to adjust the tempo of the music to your pace. Music from professional DJ's, search by genre, with user rating and comments. 

7. PUMATRAC - All the basics you need for a run, with insights from spotify playlist, social leaderboards to interact with other runners, and treadmill toggle for those indoor runs. All features are designed to help you discover how you perform best. Discover a running community and new routes globally. 

8. STRAVA RUNNING & CYCLING - Track, analyze, compare, compete and challenge yourself. Use of multiple devices such as a garmin gps to your smartphone depending on your mood. Explore areas with city guides. View all your activities on their website. Join runs races and challenges. 

9. Zombies Run - This is a unique running app that brings in a game of survival from zombies. Build a base, get chased by zombies and challenge 200 missions. Create your own missions. Walk run or jog. Use anywhere, in the gym, outdoors, or indoors. Said to be the largest smartphone fitness game ever with over 1 million players. 

Enjoy one of these apps to change how you run or to get you started. Some of these apps have premium (paid) features available as well. We hope this has been helpful and informative for you. Please leave any comments below if you know of any other running apps that may be helpful to our readers or have any personal experience with one we mentioned above. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

14 Things Your Boss Wishes You Knew About Golf.

Does your boss really want you to know more about golf? Chances are if you want to be on their good side and do better in the company, the answer is yes. 

But why you ask? 

There are a great deal of many reason. Golf can not only help you business wise, especially in sales, but also helps your relationship with your boss and co-workers. 

Golf can be a great tool that can aid in getting ahead in any business. No matter what your business is, there are many ways golf can help. The first thing any boss wants you to know is the basics of how to play. Other than that here are 15 things you should know about golf and why you boss wants you to know them. 

1. It's challenging and that's ok.
Just like so many things we start, we do so with inexperience, often not realizing how challenging things can be. The pro's in both golf and business make it look easy, it's not. Spend a few minutes at a driving range and you can figure that out. To get good at golf, just as it is to get good at your job, takes time and patience. To reach success, takes time of often repetitive honing of your skills. 

2. Punctuality is important. 
Punctuality is a sign of respect to others. To succeed in golf and business you must be on time. If you are late for you tee time, often your reservation will be passed on to the next player or group. Just as in business if you are late for a business meeting, you may have a deal passed on to the next company. Be late to work and your position may be given to the next in line for it. 

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3. Count on adversity.
Talk to any golfer professional or amateur and they will tell you, the "perfect" round is nearly considered a myth. Golfers, time and time again, hope for a round with the fewest mistakes. Even the best rounds have one or two shots putting players in a difficult spot. The key is to not let the bad shots control the rest of the shots to come or have a negative impact. In business things will surprise you and catch you off guard and have a negative impact. The important thing is to remain focused on the goal and not let a bad break mentally take you out of the game. 

4. Know where you are aiming.
When playing golf one of the most important things to do is know where you are aiming. You do not just get up and hit a ball blindly and hope it goes where you need it to. The green is your goal and if you don't know where that goal is you can't aim at it. If you want to succeed in business you must know what your goal is and have a plan to reach that goal.  

5. Be Patient. 
As we mentioned with number 1, golf is challenging. You are not going to become a pro golfer overnight. You have to work at and improve your skills day by day. The same goes for business, no company will become a fortune 500 overnight. You can't expect instant success and must be patient and give it time.

6. Having a strategy. 
Watch any professional golf tournament and you will here about players and their caddies walking the course days before they play a round. Many players do this to learn the course layout, possible hole locations, and  look for potential problems. From there they develop a strategy of how to attack the golf course. Building a strategy for projects or task in business should be approached the same way. Having a strategy for different stages, of your career or just a project, is highly effective.  

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7. Take your time. 
As we mentioned with being patient, success won't come overnight. However being patient isn't the same as taking your time. In golf you need to take your time gathering information for your shot. Knowing how far your target is, slopes angles all go into the preparation of taking a shot. Just because you have all the correct information, do not rush through the shot. Regardless of what career you are in having all the correct information won't mean a thing if you rush through the execution. Take you time with the information, process it and execute it when ready. 

8. Do the job you are meant to. 
Do you ever see a professional golfer carrying their own clubs? No. Why not? It is not the job they are supposed to do. Their job is to play the course in the least amount of strokes as possible. It is their caddies job to carry the clubs and help them with their strategy. They each have a specific job that contributes to their ultimate goal, to win the golf tournament. In any business this works the same. You were hired for a specific job, just as a co-worker was and together that helps the company reach it's ultimate goals. 

9. You can start slow and still finish strong. 
In golf there is a front nine and a back nine, 18-holes total. Many avid golf fans will tell you, tournaments are won on the back nine. Whether at a amateur or professional level, many golfers will start off shaky before finding their rhythm after a few holes. Once you find that rhythm you can build momentum all the way to the end. Just because things do not start off smoothly does not mean you can't have a strong run ahead of you. Don't start to question yourself. If your daily work isn't resulting in the success you hoped for you can change how you are doing things. Just stay in the game and find a way to finish strong. 

10. You have another shot. 
You may miss on your first shot, but you can take another one. It may affect your score in golf, but it does not mean you failed. Being able to try again is what life is all about. If you fail at your first attempt, so what? Take another run at it or take a different approach to it. You will always have another shot at a career choice, project or business venture. You don't fail unless you give up. Remember the old saying "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again."

11. Being a good sport. 
Win or lose in golf, being a good sport you still shake hands with his/her opponent. That shows sportsmanship which will win you many friends. That same sportsmanship will help you achieve success in your career as well. Being a good sport with any success or failure is key to business relationships and your relationships with co-workers. 

12. Honesty and Integrity. 
Golf is a game mostly played on an honor system. It is mainly up to the player to call a penalty on themselves. If you play golf alone, but would still play by the rules and call a penalty on yourself, that shows you have integrity and are honest. Those traits go a long way in any business or career. If you are running late to work or a meeting would you make an excuse or be honest? Would you take blame for a mistake? Having honesty and integrity in your career or any business situation will take you far. 

13. Relationship building. 
Golf being a leisure sport gives you a great chance to get to know other you are playing with. With a time frame between 3 to 6 hours in a relaxed atmosphere you can learn a lot about someone you just met or get to know someone else better than you do. Golf is great for building relationships with co-workers, and developing a comradery or sorts. Time spent getting to know your co-workers will make a more enjoyable workplace. Building relationships with clients on the golf course is also great. Getting to know a client, where they really get to know you, and you are not pressuring them into perhaps buying something can lead to more a better relationship which can also lead into more business with that client. Also since golf is not gender specific it gives women and men the same opportunity to use golf to build relationships. 

14. Learning to laugh. 
If you hit a bad shot in golf you can either laugh at your failed attempt or get angry. If you learn to laugh off your failures with humor it will make it easier to learn from your mistakes. Getting angry will only lead to more anger. Anger makes you lose focus and not learn from your mistake. The more you stay angry will lead to the more potential mistakes you can make. Learn to laugh and you will stay relaxed, learn from your mistakes, and be able to correct them faster.  

Golf is a tool that can be used in many ways for any company and for anyone in any career. Many entrepreneurs and business owners have used golf to make business contacts, strengthen bonds with employees, or make business deals. 

No matter your career, or position in that career, we hope this has been a helpful article for you. Feel free to share with other or leave your comments below.