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Monday, August 3, 2015

4 Ways To Stay Motivated To Exercise!!

Whether you are just starting out or have been in a fitness routine for a while, we all find it difficult to stay motivated. Many people start fitness programs and quit because they get bored or do not see results as fast as they would like.

What do you think is the number one reason people give up on a fitness regimen?  The first answer most would think is, no goal in mind. That is not the case. The true answer is they have no clue what they are doing.

A vast majority of people, whether they are just starting a diet or a fitness program, quit because the never seeked advice or researched what they should do. One diet or one workout does not give everyone the same results. try and think about in this simple term. If you want to start running, but do not know that one foot must go in front of the other, you will never run properly or effectively. When you do not start fitness properly it will not be effective leading to lack of motivation and giving up.


If we could only give one tip to stay motivated to start or not give up on your fitness is to seek the professional advice of a personal trainer or nutritionist. Most will talk to you for free to guide you in the right direction.

Now that is out of the way here are 4 great ways to keep you "Fitness Motivated. "

1. Treat Your Workouts Like a Job - Keep to a schedule as you would for your daily job. You know that going to work daily is how you make a living. Keeping the schedule is very important. Keep to your schedule with the thought that every time you workout you are getting paid to do it. Imagine it as a commision job, where you are paid based on your efforts. The only difference is that you are not paid in cash, you are paid in your fitness goals. Treating your workouts like a job is even effective and important for those that work from home.

2. Develop The Correct Mindset - This tip can partially fit with tip #1, but slightly different. When we say develop the correct mindset we are not saying just think positive or anything like that. What we mean is try and develop the mindset of an athlete. They way this ties to tip #1 is an Athlete has to be in top physical shape as their job depends on it. Now imagine you want to be an athlete for a specific sport. What would it take for you do so? Maybe there is an Athlete you look up to and perhaps has the body style you would like for yourself. What does that athlete do that you can do to reach those goals? How do they stay motivated? Thinking like an Athlete is about thinking that more than just your physical goals matter in the overall scheme of your fitness goals.


3. Make Multiple Goals - Yes you should have one overall goal, but you should have smaller goals as you work to the final goal. This is one big killer to people losing their motivation and quiting. When you have just the final goal in mind it makes it harder to see results. Well when results are not seen people lose motivation and interest. Let's say for example your ultimate goal is to lose 20lbs and develop six pack abs. Set daily and weekly goals. Your daily goal could be to walk/run for a specific distance or time and your weekly goal can be to increase that distance or time by the end of the week. You can also set a weekly goal to lose just 2lbs. The smaller the goal the faster you see results and with more results seen it leads to positive motivation.

4. Keep It Fun - Yes a workout or fitness routine can be fun. One of the biggest keys to keeping things fun is to mix things up. Just because it is considered a fitness routine, that does not mean it has to be routine. Change the workouts you do. This is also good for your muscles as it will isolate different parts of the same muscle as another workout will do. Making it fun can also be as simple as making a game out of it. If you are running imagine you are winning a marathon and racing to the finish line. Join a fitness class that involves dancing and music. Other people having fun will only add to your fun.  Whatever works for you as long as you keep it fun you will want to go back and do it again.

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We hope these tips help you stay motivated and continue to work toward your fitness goals. Keep in mind you are only in competition with yourself and the only person who's opinion that matters is your own. The only results that matter are yours and the ones you see, do not let others steal that form you.

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