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Monday, August 31, 2015

What NFL Division Will Have The Best Combined Record For The 2015 Season?

This is not about the best team in a division or even the better conference. Most people talk about it as the most competitive or toughest division, we are simply asking what division as a whole would have the best combined record? With all teams wins, loses and ties combined for each division who will win?

This is just for fun, but we will track the season and see how many of you know who the 2015 Best NFL Division will be.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Why Is Golf Declining As A Sport?

There are various opinions and reasons why we question golf's decline as a sport. The sad truth however is that golf has seen a huge decline over the past several years.

Studies showed that from 2000 - 2005 golf was on the incline. More golfers were taking up the game and more golf courses were being built. From 2005- 2010 however all that changed and went the opposite direction. A direction things have continued towards to this day. For example in 2012, 14 new golf courses opened, but 157 closed that same year.

Forbes did a great article in May of 2014 suggesting How A Declining Middle Class Is Killing Golf. That may be true as the economy has declined, but that would also say that only those who can not really afford golf stop playing. There are many who can afford anything they want and still have either not tried to pick up the game or who have quit.

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The number one reason given why people give up the game is time. The world has gotten itself in such a hurry not many people enjoy anything leisure anymore. People use all sorts of excuses why they can't find the time, but most of it is just that, an excuse. This is not to say some legitimately do not have the time, just that mostly lack of time is a cop-out. Yes golf on any given day to play 18-holes will take 5 or 6 hours out of your day, including travel to and from the golf course, however anyone can always find and make time, if time is really their issue.

The second biggest reason is due to the cost to play golf. This is probably a more legitimate reason people quit or never take up golf. There are many affordable golf courses around the country and many for under $20. If you break down the average 4hrs it takes to play 18-holes that breaks down to $5 per hour of entertainment. You can't go watch a 1 and half hour movie for that price. With companies like Golf 18 Network they are helping make golf more affordable as well.

There are many more reasons people use, but no matter what the reason we, as golfers and sports fans, need to figure out how to introduce more people to the game. There has to more reasons why people under 30 years old have not picked up golf. They are the future of golf and someone has to get to the bottom of the real reasons.

We know to invest in golf can be expensive, but it does not have to be. There are many ways to pick up the game without it costing a great deal. Only if you become a serious or avid golfer will you need to invest more.(an avid golfer is described as one that spends $1500 or more on golf annually) You can get a full set of golf clubs with bag for a quarter of what it cost to say have the sets a pro has. This MacGregor M65T 14-Piece Full Set is only $400 from Golfsmith, where as a set like the pros have would cost upwards of $2500. You also do not need to spend $50 for a dozen of golf balls. You can get a Pinnacle Gold Golf Ball 15 ball pack for around $16.

The truth about why golf is declining is peoples perception. When you perceive something takes to long you will not try and make or find the time for it. Why would anyone take up a game that is being talked about so negatively? All the recent negativity towards golf as a recreational sport will make someone perceive it as bad.

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Perhaps we as golfers have been spoiled by the new turf technologies and well maintained conditions that we perceive a courses quality by its price. There is some truth that by knowing the price you can somewhat predict the conditions and facilities at the course. Courses with a green fees under $30 usually are not as well maintained as a $50 or $60 green fee course, however that is not always the case. The more expensive the course just usually means the more consistent the conditions are from day to day, but that is not saying the cheaper golf courses are not as well maintained for their budget.

Sadly no matter what people say about time or cost there is a solution. There is a course to fit everyone's budget and even course that take up less time to play. Executive courses or par 3 courses take about half the time as a regulation size course. Two great examples are the short course at Robert Trent Jones Golf Trails, Magnolia Grove in Mobile, AL and the executive course of  Audubon Park Golf Course in New Orleans, LA.

One of the other big questions the golf industry has asked is if Tiger Woods difficulties on and off the course over the years has turned some people away from the game. There is no denying when he first cam eon to the scene that he peaked an interest in golf and undoubtedly more people picked up the game for the first time. Could the issues and challenges he has faced have been bad for the game however? We honestly do not believe it is, but there is no proof one way or the other. Perhaps the industry is looking for a scapegoat.

No matter what the reasons are, there has to be a way to get more people involved in golf. We need to get more junior golfers to start playing and find a way to introduce the game others. Forget about those that no longer play, we need to find the ones that have never had the chance to play, what we consider the best game ever invented. So lets....


The views and opinions expressed here are those of Kyle Hrubes, Owner and CEO of Hrubes Sportz LLC. Kyle has been in the golf industry for the past ten years and is very knowledgeable about the game. He has also authored a golf instruction book, Manage Your Golf Game

Monday, August 24, 2015

Cheer For Your Favorite Sports Team More Than For Yourself?

Time and time again we see something happen, especially once the NFL Season has begun. Not many people talk about it and it's time someone did. So we pose the question to you -

Do You Cheer For Your Favorite Professional Sports Team More Than You Do For Yourself? 

The question is all about motivation, drive and success.

The sad truth for many sports fans is that they will cheer, get excited, motivated, depressed etc... over the outcome of their favorite sports team more than they do for things in their own lives. We know this is not every sports fan, but there are a good number of sports fans that are like this.

We either know someone or have seen someone that is not very motivated, may hate their job etc..., but come Sunday football they are up early, or one of the first to the stadium to tailgate, but the outcome of the game will dictate their week. If the team wins they go to work happy and excited for the next game. The team loses they may be late for work on Monday and may even be miserable to be around all week. That same person may be one that talks about starting a fitness program or other project but never seems to get it started.

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This does not mean that you shouldn't root for your team, we are just saying get excited for yourself just as much as you do them. When the game is over, win or lose, don't let in effect you one way or the other. Yes it is ok to get excited when your team wins, go ahead celebrate and enjoy it. On the opposite it can be disappointing when they lose, just remember it is just entertainment and not the end of the world.

The thing of it is, that as a sports fan you are cheering for athletes you do not know and have no bearing on the outcome of your life. This can be difficult for some to understand, so to put it in a better way, you need to treat yourself like those athletes you cheer for. There are many little things you can do to accomplish this, but the main thing is to get excited about yourself and motivate yourself. It doesn't matter how trivial the moment may be, you still need to get excited about it. Let say for example you have to bring a check to the bank. Once that is accomplished give yourself a little cheer or a "hell yes I got that done". It doesn't have to be a big jump up and scream.

Cheering for yourself in anyway you can think of leads to a domino effect of accomplishment, motivation, success, and happiness. All this will lead to a feeling of excitement to just wake up and experience the day. Why? Once you become your own cheerleader you can become unstoppable. No one can cheer for you better than yourself. Only you know when you experience excitement, happiness, success, etc... No one can tell you when you feel those things.

This is not as easy as it sounds and we know that. All we are trying to do is bring the topic to light and hope we can help some people toward the right direction to cheer for themselves.

There are several good books that have helped people we know and that we have read personally. One comes from our own personal mentor and friend, Jon Mercer - Stronger Better Happier. Although Jon may not put certain things in the words of :cheering for yourself", he is very knowledgable on the subject and ways to become your biggest fan.

Other great books to check out are: Motivation Manifesto and 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

We do not pretend to be experts on the this subject. Everything written here is through our own experiences and things we have learned. We have no direct affiliation with the books we mentioned, we only recommend them based on our own experiences with them as related to this topic. For correct information and help we highly recommend seeking the advice of a personal life coach such as our friend Jon Mercer.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Chill Pal Cooling Towel Product Review

A little over a month ago we gave these towels as gifts to 10 people. The feedback we have received has been incredible. All 10 wanted more and asked where they can order them. 

We also tried this Chill Pal Cooling Towel ourselves and gave it to our softball team as well. With the heat we have had this summer this has been one great product. On average, while sweating in 95 degree weather with a heat index of 105 we felt 10 degrees cooler than when we weren't using it. The entire team loved them and loved that it comes in three different colors. 

One of the best things we found with this towel is the more you sweat the more it cools you. It is made of a soft material and even comes in a storage tube. 

Of the 10 people we gave these to, they played golf, tennis, and volleyball with them. All saying they were able to stay cooler, which in turn allowed them to not get over exerted. By keeping the body cooler during extreme heat, especially playing sports, keep you from fatigue and maintains a healthy blood flow. 

Here are some uses for the Chill Pal Cooling Towel

Sports: Golf, Gym, Running, Tennis, Workout, Softball, Volleyball, and any Exercise, 

Personal: Camping, Travel, Beach, Kids, Pets, Yard Work, and many more.. 

This product is available from Amazon and has a 100% Satisfaction guarantee with a 5 Star Rating.

If you have used this towel before and liked it, please leave your comments below. We would appreciate your feedback and personal story. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Orleans Saints Preseason Kicks Off Thursday

With the 2015 NFL Season approaching the New Orleans Saints kickoff their pre-season this Thursday evening against the Baltimore Ravens.

After a long offseason, the start of the 2015 NFL Season has been much anticipated by many. For the Who Dat Nation it has been a agonizing wait after shocking trades, players cut, and new players signed. There have been some great additions and some questionable trades, but this week we finally get to see them in action. 

We have all been anxious to see all the new guys in action this season and see what they can do.

The addition of Max Unger at Center should help shore up the offensive line allowing Drew Brees more protection in the pocket. Additionally Unger is a great run blocker. Marshawn Lynch ran for an average under 4 yards per carry when Unger was not in and over 5 yards per carry when he was in to block. 

C.J. Spiller, a new Saint this year, will be a great addition to the running game and passing game. Word is he has looked very good during training camp and is grateful to be a part of the Saints team. His running style is different than that of Mark Ingram so it will be exciting to see how does at real game speed this week.

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Other notables have been linebacker Stephone Anthony and cornerback P.J. Williams, whom are both rookies. Having been looked at a little more closely than others, due to the fact they are in key positions where the Saints needed to fill a void, but both are performing very well. It has been said of Anthony that he looks like a veteran and not a rookie. 

This Thursday is the first time many will see how all the players on the Saints Roster will play. Of course we all want to see if the veterans of the team have knocked off the dust and put last season behind them, but to see how the new guys perform is really what preseason is all about. 

We put together the below poll with this question - What New Saints Player Are You Most Looking Forward to Seeing?  We put the four players we talked about here, but feel free to give your own answer or leave a comment below. Just remember it has to be a new addition to the Saints this year.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Back To School Doesn't Mean Kids Have To Only Play Sports At School

Over the course of the past week at several sports functions, we attended and support, we have been approached by concerned parents asking theses specific questions.

My son/daughter goes to a school that does not offer the main sport they are interested in, but I would like to keep them playing. Are there options for me?

Even though my son/daughter plays sports their school offers they do not want to play only one or two sports year round. How can I keep them in those specific sports when they are not being played by the school? 

The answer to the first question is an absolute YES!

The answer to question two mostly depends on the sport and the area you live in. There are many year round programs in multiple sports, however we have learned not every area offers programs for them. Some of the more popular are baseball, softball, and soccer that will go year round. These can be found simply by doing a Google Search (e.g. "Travel Baseball New Orleans"). The top travel team in that area is Gurus Baseball. This search can be done for any sport by a simple search or asking other parents.

There are still some schools that do not offer such sports as Tennis and Golf. Sadly even some of the ones that do are not that great. They are usually run by someone that does not know the sport or does not teach the kids properly. Don't get us wrong however, there are some great programs at some schools.

When it comes to those two sports for your son or daughter the search can be a bit more difficult. Even though there may be multiple programs in the area does not mean the best is the simple option. You have to consider the cost as a parent if it is affordable and the more important, does your child have friends at any of these programs? Besides those two you will need to consider the following about any program.

How many days a week do they meet? 
How reputable is the program? 
Is the program a manageable distance for after school? 
Does the program travel often or stay in the area?

All of theses are key factors in deciding. For your specific are you will have to do your due diligence to find the right program for your child.

When it comes to finding the ones that have the best reputation with children, usually the answer will come from word of mouth. For example one or our good friends Jimmy Headrick ( has a national reputation with kids and golf instruction.

Other sources you can use are U.S. Kids Golf for golf or The United States Tennis Association for Tennis. There are also some organizations such as the United States Specialty Sports Association that have programs for multiple sports.

We sincerely hope this helps all parents that have had those questions, but were looking for answers. We wish you all the best in getting your child into a great program for the sport they want to play outside of school. Please leave any comments below if you  any advice you could give others in this area or if you know of reputable programs you have experience with.

Monday, August 3, 2015

4 Ways To Stay Motivated To Exercise!!

Whether you are just starting out or have been in a fitness routine for a while, we all find it difficult to stay motivated. Many people start fitness programs and quit because they get bored or do not see results as fast as they would like.

What do you think is the number one reason people give up on a fitness regimen?  The first answer most would think is, no goal in mind. That is not the case. The true answer is they have no clue what they are doing.

A vast majority of people, whether they are just starting a diet or a fitness program, quit because the never seeked advice or researched what they should do. One diet or one workout does not give everyone the same results. try and think about in this simple term. If you want to start running, but do not know that one foot must go in front of the other, you will never run properly or effectively. When you do not start fitness properly it will not be effective leading to lack of motivation and giving up.


If we could only give one tip to stay motivated to start or not give up on your fitness is to seek the professional advice of a personal trainer or nutritionist. Most will talk to you for free to guide you in the right direction.

Now that is out of the way here are 4 great ways to keep you "Fitness Motivated. "

1. Treat Your Workouts Like a Job - Keep to a schedule as you would for your daily job. You know that going to work daily is how you make a living. Keeping the schedule is very important. Keep to your schedule with the thought that every time you workout you are getting paid to do it. Imagine it as a commision job, where you are paid based on your efforts. The only difference is that you are not paid in cash, you are paid in your fitness goals. Treating your workouts like a job is even effective and important for those that work from home.

2. Develop The Correct Mindset - This tip can partially fit with tip #1, but slightly different. When we say develop the correct mindset we are not saying just think positive or anything like that. What we mean is try and develop the mindset of an athlete. They way this ties to tip #1 is an Athlete has to be in top physical shape as their job depends on it. Now imagine you want to be an athlete for a specific sport. What would it take for you do so? Maybe there is an Athlete you look up to and perhaps has the body style you would like for yourself. What does that athlete do that you can do to reach those goals? How do they stay motivated? Thinking like an Athlete is about thinking that more than just your physical goals matter in the overall scheme of your fitness goals.


3. Make Multiple Goals - Yes you should have one overall goal, but you should have smaller goals as you work to the final goal. This is one big killer to people losing their motivation and quiting. When you have just the final goal in mind it makes it harder to see results. Well when results are not seen people lose motivation and interest. Let's say for example your ultimate goal is to lose 20lbs and develop six pack abs. Set daily and weekly goals. Your daily goal could be to walk/run for a specific distance or time and your weekly goal can be to increase that distance or time by the end of the week. You can also set a weekly goal to lose just 2lbs. The smaller the goal the faster you see results and with more results seen it leads to positive motivation.

4. Keep It Fun - Yes a workout or fitness routine can be fun. One of the biggest keys to keeping things fun is to mix things up. Just because it is considered a fitness routine, that does not mean it has to be routine. Change the workouts you do. This is also good for your muscles as it will isolate different parts of the same muscle as another workout will do. Making it fun can also be as simple as making a game out of it. If you are running imagine you are winning a marathon and racing to the finish line. Join a fitness class that involves dancing and music. Other people having fun will only add to your fun.  Whatever works for you as long as you keep it fun you will want to go back and do it again.

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We hope these tips help you stay motivated and continue to work toward your fitness goals. Keep in mind you are only in competition with yourself and the only person who's opinion that matters is your own. The only results that matter are yours and the ones you see, do not let others steal that form you.