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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Did You Ever Want To Play Professional Sports?

Did you ever want to play professional sports? If you are like most of us the answer is a Yes!

Growing up the vast majority of people want to be a professional athlete at one time or another. Even though it is a dream for so many, actually very few go on to do it. There are many reasons why, but statistically it is improbable. Our friends over at Elite Daily did a great article (click here) that breaks down the statistics per sport for both men and women. The NCAA also has a great breakdown. (click here)

We are here to talk about what professional sport you wanted to play, not why you may not have done it. Even if you did become a professional athlete you could be like Drew Brees and be playing a sport that was second on your list. (For those that are unaware, Drew Brees thought he would be playing professional baseball instead of being an elite NFL quarterback.) Perhaps many of you still hold on to that dream regardless of your age.

No matter where life has brought you we are not suggesting that you regret not pursuing that dream or to change your life and pursue it now. Instead we are just opening the discussion of, what dream did you have of playing a professional sport?

A good majority of sports fans, while watching their favorite team, have mentioned in disgust, once or more, "I could do better than that". Could you picture yourself playing your favorite sport for your favorite team? No matter what your age, race or gender it is always fun to dream and visualize yourself playing a sport you love.

Most professional sports we stop playing after high school and that is where the dream ends. There are few exceptions however, like golf and tennis, that you can play recreationally throughout life. At no point do you have to stop dreaming or imagining yourself as that professional athlete. Just have fun with it.

The thought behind this discussion is one that came up the other day. We were surprised at the number of people in the room (19 out of 20) that wanted to be a professional athlete at one time or another. Well that got us thinking, so we created this poll just to see what the most popular sport people wanted to play professionally was or is.

If you selected other in the poll, please feel free to comment below as to what sport other refers to.