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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

TaylorMade Golf, Tour Preferred EF Wedge Review

Recently I got my hands on the new TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF Wedge.

The newest Wedge available from TaylorMade Golf, the Tour Preferred EF Wedge, falls right in line with the standards TaylorMade Golf has on their products. With a retail price of $159.99 some golfers may stray from this golf club, but for the more serious or more accomplished golfer this price can be worth it.


I will first talk about the different material that makes up this wonderful club. The club-head of the Tour Prferred EF Wedge in made of carbon steel, with a tour grind sole, and ElectroFormed (EF) Nickle Cobalt Grooves. This groove technology and materials are combined for lasting spin, meaning the groves will not wear down as fast.

Even though I prefer the Project X Shafts I decided I would leave the KBS Tour Wedge 120 S Shaft in it. Although I do believe it to be  good shaft I found, even though it says it is a stiff shaft, the shaft to be very flexible and have too much torque (twisting).


With the shaft aside I absolutely love this wedge. It is balanced wonderfully and has a great weight to it. The weight of the club-head is great as well. When swinging the club you can feel the club-head as it moves through your swing and as a result feel more control. This weight also allows the club to just drop behind the ball and do its thing.

The new groove technology is exactly what TaylorMade Golf says it is. When playing different shots from the fairway the ball will either one hop and stop on lower shots or spin back a couple feet on higher shots. What is an added benefit from these grooves is the ability to stop the ball faster from the rough. Even when grass gets between the ball and the club-face the grooves still mange to put enough spin on the ball to have it stop within a couple feet of where it lands.

Before I took this wedge out to test it I noticed the grip was just a stock TaylorMade Golf rubber grip. I decided to change that and added on the new Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grip for an extra $9.95. I have played the previous Golf Pride MultiCompound Decade grips, since they are my favorite, and decided to try out Golf Pride's newest one. The Golf Pride MultiCompound Decade is made of multiple materials. The upper half of the grip is made of a cotton cord and the lower half is a soft rubber. The different material used is to give stability in your glove hand and soft feel in your non-glove hand. With the new MCC Plus 4 Grip, Golf Pride took it a step further and decreased the amount the grip tappers. This means in your lower hand the grip is slightly larger allowing lighter grip pressure. I highly recommend this grip for all golfers. The soft rubber is especially beneficial for a responsive feel on short wedge, pitch, and chip shots

Overall this could be the best wedge I have ever played with. The feel, look and play-ability are combinations I have not quite found in a golf club since TaylorMade Golf stopped making their RAC Wedges. Even though I would like to try this wedge with the Project X shaft i would still highly recommend this wedge to anyone and with the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grip. I would also recommend you make sure you are getting the proper shaft in the club for your game. Go test the club a a retailer or golf shop before ordering online or just purchasing.

This article is written by Kyle Hrubes. Kyle is the owner of Hrubes Sportz which also is the creater and owner of this blog. Kyle is a former playing professional, an instructor, and author of Manage Your Golf Game: A Key to Better Golf Now. There are other factors involved and not every golf will see the same results. For example Kyle plays the Bridgestone B330S golf ball which is designed for added spin and swing speeds over 105mph. Higher swing speeds can result in added spin. Other factors are the courses this club was tested on are firm and fast greens with tight fairways. In other words near tour caliber conditions. 


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