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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Roger Goodell is Blasted by Former Saints WR Joe Horn

There have been numerous articles written over the past couple days as a result of Joe Horn calling Roger Goodell the "Devil". 

The original source of Joe Horn's interview comes from, "NFL Afterlife: A Conversation with Former WR Joe Horn", but has since been picked up by major news outlets around the country. (links to those articles below)

Most people will remember Joe Horn for his infamous cell phone celebration, as a New Orleans Saints WR, in 2003 - in which he scored four touchdowns against the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football, and pulled a cell phone from beneath the goal post padding and made a call. Now he may be remembered for more. 

In the interview with Joe Horn was stated saying "I don't like what Roger Goodell is Doing. He has so much power that he can almost shut people down. I just don't like him."

Although those are pretty strong statements, no one can blame him for his comments. Personally knowing Joe Horn and other former NFL Players, we know they all feel the same way, it is just Horn is the first to say more publicly.

For all the other articles written here are the links:

Do you think Joe Horn is correct on calling Goodell the Devil? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

AVP New Orleans Open a Successful Event.

The 2015 AVP New Orleans Open, the first event of the 2015 AVP Tour, did not have the most promising start. Severe storms from Thursday ended up cancelling the opening day of the event last Friday. However even with that delay the event was a great success. A success not only for the AVP Tour, but also for the New Orleans area of Kenner's, Laketown. 

Large crowds turned out to support the event and were treated splendidly to the first Beach Volleyball Tournament the New Orleans area has seen since 1999. With some of the best in the world competing for $150,000 and the title AVP New Orleans Open Champions it was a fierce competition. 

The number 1 seeds in both the Men's and Women's divisions showed why they are number 1 and walked away with not only the win and some money, but a cool trophy that is designed as a miniature Mardi Gras float. Winning the Men's final's was Jake Gibb and Casey Patterson. The women's finals were won by Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross

To see photo's of the trophies and the winners in action visit our friends over at the New Orleans Advocate. There are individual articles of both the Men's winners and the Women's winners. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

CCA S.T.A.R Tournament Cast Off This Saturday May 23rd

For anglers in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida this Saturday marks the start of the annual CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) S.T.A.R (Statewide Tournament and Anglers Rodeo). The Tournament is held for 108 days between Memorial Day weekend, sunrise May 23rd, 2015, and Labor Day weekend, 5 p.m. September 7th, 2015.

Gulf Coast Sportz

With the exception of Louisiana and Mississippi, which are combined under the CCA of Louisiana, each state has different sponsors and different prizes available. CCA of Texas Members will be competing for a chance at $1,000,000 in prizes and scholarships. CCA of Louisiana members will be competing for $500,000 in prizes as will CCA of Florida Members. Some of the prizes up for grabs could be as big as a new truck or a new boat.

 Gulf Coast Sportz           Gulf Coast Sportz

The overall purpose is a membership drive which is used to raise awareness of coastal conservation and raise monies towards the cause. Fish are tagged for this event and those anglers who catch those tagged fish are the ones that win those prizes. The biggest and most popular of theses is the Redfish Division with the angler that catches the first Tagged Redfish of the tournament in that state winning the largest of prizes. For example with the CCA Louisiana STAR Tournament the first entrant to catch a tagged Redfish in 2015 will win a new Chevy Silverado while the 9 tagged Redfish win a 2110 Sport NauticStar with 150hp Mercury Four-Stroke. Again each state has their own prizes and that information can be found on each states S.T.A.R website.(available by clicking on individual logo's)

For anyone that wishes to be involved in this event, they must first become a member of the CCA. A standard CCA Membership is around $30, but with options of various memberships available. The addition to be part of S.T.A.R is $20 in Texas and $30 in Louisiana and Florida. Even for those that do not fish, memberships can be purchased as a gift or at a corporate sponsorship level. For those that wish to support CCA, but do not wish to become a member can make donations as well. Donations are also tax deductible.

Gulf Coast Sportz

For those that wish to learn more about CCA, their news, or how to help or donate, or how to become a member should visit their website at

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The AVP New Orleans Open is the Return of Pro Beach Volleyball to the Area.

This weekend marks the first time that the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) will play in New Orleans since 1999. The AVP New Orleans Open will be held May 22nd - 24th in Kenner's Laketown.

The tournament will begin with open qualifying Thursday May 21st, and will feature 16 Men's and Women's beach volleyball teams.. With Olympic Standouts such as Kerry Walsh Jennings and April Ross, and locals battling it out this Memorial Day weekend for $150,000. General Admission is FREE and premium package tickets are available for those seeking a more unique experience.

New Orleans is the first stop of 8 for the 2015 AVP Tour. The plan of the AVP is to turn Pro Beach Volleyball into a mainstream U.S. Sport. This would give Pro Beach Volleyball more exposure instead of the current every four years at the Summer Olympics.

This event has made big headlines already for the area. You can check out articles from our friends at The Advocate, Coconut Beach Volleyball Complex and

For a full event schedule or ticket information of the AVP New Orleans visit the event website.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

MGM Park Nearing Completion

MGM Park, the soon to be home of the Biloxi Shuckers, appears to be near completed. With most of the stadium structure in place and the field taking shape it won't be long until the Shuckers will play their first game in their new home stadium.

According to an article from Ballpark Digest the tentative opening of the park is scheduled for June 6th. Tickets went on sale, yesterday (May 13th) at 10am, for the first home game and the remaining games of the Shuckers schedule.

Eleven years in the making June 6th could be a premature date considering the construction deadline is August 4th. Yates, the company handling the construction is moving at very fast pace with multiple things going on at one time, according to Fox Carolina. They also state that the city of Biloxi could be facing fines of $150,000 for missing home games, although that number is still in negotiations.

From our friends over at ticket prices range from $11 - Reserved Level to $28 - Club Level.

Minor League baseball is one of the most fun sporting venue's one can attend. There is fan interaction and a pure spirit of the game. No players are crying about Multi-Million Dollar salaries or endorsement deals. You always get 100% and they play their heart out so they can make it to the next level. Having the Shucker's come to Biloxi has truly been a great addition to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. With casino's, fishing, water sports, and more the Mississippi Gulf Coast is adding to it's identity.

Visit the Biloxi Shuckers website or view the live web cam of MGM Park from the Beau Rivage for more information.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

TaylorMade Golf, Tour Preferred EF Wedge Review

Recently I got my hands on the new TaylorMade Tour Preferred EF Wedge.

The newest Wedge available from TaylorMade Golf, the Tour Preferred EF Wedge, falls right in line with the standards TaylorMade Golf has on their products. With a retail price of $159.99 some golfers may stray from this golf club, but for the more serious or more accomplished golfer this price can be worth it.


I will first talk about the different material that makes up this wonderful club. The club-head of the Tour Prferred EF Wedge in made of carbon steel, with a tour grind sole, and ElectroFormed (EF) Nickle Cobalt Grooves. This groove technology and materials are combined for lasting spin, meaning the groves will not wear down as fast.

Even though I prefer the Project X Shafts I decided I would leave the KBS Tour Wedge 120 S Shaft in it. Although I do believe it to be  good shaft I found, even though it says it is a stiff shaft, the shaft to be very flexible and have too much torque (twisting).


With the shaft aside I absolutely love this wedge. It is balanced wonderfully and has a great weight to it. The weight of the club-head is great as well. When swinging the club you can feel the club-head as it moves through your swing and as a result feel more control. This weight also allows the club to just drop behind the ball and do its thing.

The new groove technology is exactly what TaylorMade Golf says it is. When playing different shots from the fairway the ball will either one hop and stop on lower shots or spin back a couple feet on higher shots. What is an added benefit from these grooves is the ability to stop the ball faster from the rough. Even when grass gets between the ball and the club-face the grooves still mange to put enough spin on the ball to have it stop within a couple feet of where it lands.

Before I took this wedge out to test it I noticed the grip was just a stock TaylorMade Golf rubber grip. I decided to change that and added on the new Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grip for an extra $9.95. I have played the previous Golf Pride MultiCompound Decade grips, since they are my favorite, and decided to try out Golf Pride's newest one. The Golf Pride MultiCompound Decade is made of multiple materials. The upper half of the grip is made of a cotton cord and the lower half is a soft rubber. The different material used is to give stability in your glove hand and soft feel in your non-glove hand. With the new MCC Plus 4 Grip, Golf Pride took it a step further and decreased the amount the grip tappers. This means in your lower hand the grip is slightly larger allowing lighter grip pressure. I highly recommend this grip for all golfers. The soft rubber is especially beneficial for a responsive feel on short wedge, pitch, and chip shots

Overall this could be the best wedge I have ever played with. The feel, look and play-ability are combinations I have not quite found in a golf club since TaylorMade Golf stopped making their RAC Wedges. Even though I would like to try this wedge with the Project X shaft i would still highly recommend this wedge to anyone and with the Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 Grip. I would also recommend you make sure you are getting the proper shaft in the club for your game. Go test the club a a retailer or golf shop before ordering online or just purchasing.

This article is written by Kyle Hrubes. Kyle is the owner of Hrubes Sportz which also is the creater and owner of this blog. Kyle is a former playing professional, an instructor, and author of Manage Your Golf Game: A Key to Better Golf Now. There are other factors involved and not every golf will see the same results. For example Kyle plays the Bridgestone B330S golf ball which is designed for added spin and swing speeds over 105mph. Higher swing speeds can result in added spin. Other factors are the courses this club was tested on are firm and fast greens with tight fairways. In other words near tour caliber conditions.