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Monday, March 9, 2015

Women's Professional Softball?

That's right there is a women's professional softball league. Who would have known? Apparently it has been around since 1997, then known as the Women's Professional Softball League (WPSL). Today it is known as National Pro Fastpitch (NPF).

The league currently has only 5 teams with plans for more on the way. There are franchise opportunities for those willing and able to support this. We know if the assets were there we would bring a team to the Gulf Coast. As it is now however the two closest teams to the Gulf Coast are the USSSA Pride and the Dallas Charge. The other teams are the Akron Racers, Chicago Bandits, and Pennsylvania Rebellion.

This is great for women's sports, but it is ashame we haven't heard of it before.

Think about how many young girls have played softball the majority of their life because they love it. They play through high school and college then that was it for them, unless they played on national team or some adult league. This league now allows these girls to dream of playing a sport they love as a professional just like the boys have always done.

Women's professional sports has grown substantially over the years. For a long time the only sport a woman could play professionally was golf via the LPGA Tour. Now you have the women's professional basketball (WNBA) and women's professional soccer (NWSL) just to name the most popular.

What makes the NPF even more exciting to softball fans is they have an official National Pro Fastpitch College Draft. A draft makes professional sports seem so much more important and really adds to the validity of the league. This years draft is scheduled for April 1st, 2015.

We would like to see this league grow to many more teams across the country. Show your support for women's professional softball and help us spread the word.

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