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Thursday, March 5, 2015

USSSA Golf Tour Comes To Gulf Coast Region

The Unites States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) has developed an amateur golf tour and will go under the name, USSSA Golf Tour.

2015 is their inaugural season, starting out in about 40 cities across the country, with Lake Charles and New Orleans, LA being the only two currently on the Gulf Coast. Do not feel discouraged however if they are not in your city yet, as they are currently looking for local tour directors in other many other areas. With so many great Golf Courses along the Gulf Coast it is only a matter of time until they are in an area near you.

The USSSA is a large non-profit sports organization, established in 1968, governing 14 sports across North America. Widely recognized by many, it is no wonder the USSSA would put their name and reputation up and create a golf tour for amateur players. If they run these events how we have seen them run adult softball, junior golf and youth baseball events, then this tour is sure to be a huge success. After all their mission statement is: to be the most visibly recognized, technologically advanced, professionally represented sports organization in the world.

The USSSA Golf Tour will consist of local golf tournaments, national (aka Majors), and a national championship. Players are flighted using a handicap system solely based on how you play in tournaments. The inaugural national championship is already planned to be hosted in Orlando, FL sometime in September of this year.

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The USSSA Golf Tour will have annual memberships with the cost for your first year being $125, with a discounted rate when you renew the following year. Each event will have it's own prize pool for each flight and will be determined by the number of entrants per flight. Local tournaments are planned to be approximately within a 90 mile radius of the host city, will be played in gross stroke-play format, and entry will cost between $125 and $135 per single day event.

To learn more about the USSSA, their Golf Tour, how to register,or interest in becoming a tour director, we have provided the following links:

Follow USSSA Golf Tour on Twitter

Golf Tours like this always rely on and appreciate sponsors. Sponsors help with marketing efforts and tour expenses as well as adding a professional feel to the tour. Participants will often support sponsors that support them. If you would like your company to get extra local exposure and even some national exposure, contact USSSA Golf Tour for more information. 

**Please note we have no affiliation with the USSSA Golf Tour or the USSSA. This is solely for informational purposes only. For up to date and/or correct information you should contact the USSSA or USSSA Golf Tour Directly or visit one of their websites or social media pages**

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