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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gulf Coast Tennis - Leagues and Tournaments

Tennis is a subject that we were emailed about and asked to find information on leagues and tournaments in the area. Much to our surprise, after extensive research and asking around, we found there are not as many options for tennis players at a amateur and recreational level. That is unless you are a member of a country club or tennis facility.

We assumed that tennis would be somewhat like golf with charity events and tournaments that players of all levels could participate in. That is not the case. Of all the people we talked to and searching online it either doesn't exist or no one talks about them. Could this be due to a lack of public access tennis courts? Perhaps it's the coast of tennis equipment?

Since we are good at what we do, we did find information on tennis leagues and those specific to the Gulf Coast region. All of which are organized by the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

The USTA is a national organization for tennis is the United States. Their mission is to to promote and develop the growth of tennis from local communities to the professional game. They have their own foundation the USTA Foundation where they do events and fundraisers as well as having a Grants and Scholarships program.

The USTA are present in many states across the country represented by individual USTA State organizations. As it is more specifically related to the Gulf Coast there are associations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Each hosting their own leagues, tournaments, and events.

This is great news for those along the Gulf Coast that have been looking for a league to join or a tournament to play in. One of the best things we learned about the USTA was they had things for juniors, adults, and seniors, men and women, as well as instruction programs from beginners to advanced players.

You can learn more at about the USTA or the Associations along the Gulf Coast at the following links.


Louisiana: Association




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