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Friday, March 6, 2015

Golf Book Available in Paperback

A while back we did an article on a new golf instruction E-book that is available from Amazon. As promised we would do a follow up when the book was available in paperback version.

Well now it is!

To our knowledge this is the only golf instruction book available on Amazon that has nothing to do with teaching you how to swing a golf club. 

The paperback version is also available form Amazon giving those interested in the book a choice. Due to the paperback versions release it has put the E-book version price down to now $27 from its original $37. The paperback version is now set at the $37 dollar price and has a newly designed cover as well.

Here is a little reminder of what the book is about -

Manage Your Golf Game is a way to learn better golf regardless of your swing. Taught by a former playing professional and a certified golf instructor for the past ten years, you can learn to play better golf virtually overnight. Everything in this book can be applied to your very next round of golf. There are no gimmicky training aids, equipment, or expensive lessons to be bought. By learning and applying this simple method you will lose less golf balls, play more consistent, and have more fun. The value of knowledge in this book is the same as a four hour lesson at $125 per hour ($500 total) and can have you taking two, three or four shots off your very next round of golf. This is the least talked about and least taught method in golf today and the most beneficial to golfers of all abilities. This book also comes with a special bonus section to help with the mental Approach to golf. Enjoy playing better golf now!

If you would like to get your own copy the following links will make it easy for you. 
Paperback Version - Click Here

Pre-Order Callaway Big Bertha Drivers & Fairway Woods at! Available in Mid-February.

You can find out more about the books author, Kyle Hrubes, on his company web site If you have any questions you can also contact Kyle through his company and he will personally respond. 

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