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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Strong Field at 2015 MGRC Golf Tournament

Tommorrow kicks off the first round of the 2015 Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic (MGRC) in Biloxi Mississippi. This years field is some of the best on the Champions Tour.

With big names and played on a great golf course, Fallen Oak, this years tournament is sure to be exciting. The Champions Tour always brings an atmosphere of fun as some, if not most, players will interact with the crowds. So what players could you possibly interact with this year? Here are just some of the top players that will be there. (no particular order)

Fred Couples, Brad Faxon, Tommy Armour III, Tom Lehman, 
Tom Kite, Rocco Mediate, Jesper Parnevik, Sandy Lyle,
 Kenny Perry, Nick Price, Jeff Sluman, Craig Stadler, 
Mark O'Meara, plus many more.

Check out this weeks Power Ranking's for this years MGRC. Ranking source is; Vartan Kupelian, Champions Tour Insider and Contributor.

Here is some extra event info for those that may be going or want to catch on TV:
9:00 AM Gates Open - 10:00 AM Round 1 Tee Times Begin (Pairings and times click here)
11:00 AM to 1:30 PM Golf Channel live telecast  
9:00 AM Gates Open - 10:00 AM Round 2 Tee Times Begin
2:00 PM to 5 PM Golf Channel live telecast
4:30 PM Junior Clinic Presented by Bacot/McCarty Foundation & IP Resort & Spa, Fallen Oak Driving 
9:00 AM Gates Open - 10:00 AM Final Round Tee Times Begin (click here for pairings)
2:00 PM to 5PM Golf Channel live telecast 
You can also stream the MGRC live via Golf Channel Live Extra (some restrictions)
**all times above are local - central standard time**
The Tour also starts today with the first round of the Chitimacha Louisiana Open in Lafayette Louisiana scheduled to start at 7:45 AM. Playing at LeTriomphe Golf and Country Club there is an expectation of low scores, according to Kevin Prise of To see just how low these guys may shoot follow the leader board

For Full Field and Tee Time information visit the Tour Tournament Page

We will post scores and updates of these two events over the weekend as well as some pictures. Monday we will have a recap of all scores and winners. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gulf Coast Spring Fishing

Yes it is that time of year for spring fishing along the Gulf Coast. When spring time comes to the Gulf Coast it is the start to tournament fishing, and most likely the best time of year for the tourism side of fishing. 

Before we get to much into this article we have to credit a blog we follow which gave us the idea behind today's post. It came from the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism's, The Beach is Calling Blog with the post titled Easy Ways to Drop a Line for Spring Fishing. It is a very good article and we recommend you go read it. 

What we are talking to you about today is how Spring more than doubles the amount of fishing along the Gulf Coast. It's not just about the fact that Spring brings with it better weather with warmer temperatures. There is the tidal movement, the changes of a more prominent southern wind which blows in cleaner Gulf Waters to the shores and marshes of the Gulf Coast. Warmer Gulf waters mean more active fish and more active fish it what attract so many to fishing the Gulf Coast. 

The waters of the Gulf Coast have so many different landscapes to fish is another big attractant. If not fishing offshore the areas to fish are different to each area. You can fish lakes, rivers, bays, swamps, marsh and bayous, as well as decide on salt water, fresh water or a mix of both known as brackish water. The type of fish known to area is also a very wide range.  

With so much variety of how and where to fish it is no wonder why it can be difficult to book a charter during this time of year. Charters book up quick all along the coast, no matter if you decide to fish the coastal waters of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or the Florida Panhandle. These areas ae some of the best fishing in all of the United States and is promoted, monitored, and conserved with the help of the Coastal Conservation Association

The Coastal Conservation Association, better known as CCA, is an organization with a specific goal as is stated by their mission statement:

"The purpose of CCA is to advise and educate the public on conservation of marine resources. The objective of CCA is to conserve, promote, and enhance the present and future availability of those coastal resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the general public." Source:

The CCA has many chapters across the country and as well as offering a membership to help raise funds for their efforts they also host annual tournaments in many of it's chapters. To know how some of their tournaments work take CCA Louisiana for example. The annual tournament there is known as CCA Louisiana STAR Tournament which starts May 23rd and last 108 days. Participants compete for prizes which could be a new boat or a new truck or other great prizes by catching fish tagged by CCA. 

Other chapters of CCA along the Gulf Coast are CCA Mississippi, CCA Alabama, and CCA Florida.

One of the biggest tournament series along the Gulf Coast held annually is the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship. The tournament is held in four coastal locations from May through July. This years series starts the week of May 13th - 17th and ends the week of July 7th - 12th in Orange Beach AL with stops in Venice, LA (May 26th - 31st), Biloxi, MS (June 1st - 7th), and Destin, FL (June 17th - 21st).

For those that enjoy Kayak fishing there are multiple events held through the Gulf Coast Kayak Fishing Association. Their next event coming up is being held May 2nd out of Gulf Breeze, FL, just outside Pensacola. Participant's will compete for great prizes with first place winning $1200. Anyone looking to enter can do so by visiting and clicking on the online registartion link.

For other Gulf Coast fishing tournament information please look to our friends at Marine Group - Emerald Coast. They have a full schedule of fishing tournaments along the Gulf Coast for 2015. Even though a few have already happened you will find tournaments from February through August on their website.

Again we would like to thank our friends at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism for posting the blog that gave us the idea for todays article.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gulf Coast Tennis - Leagues and Tournaments

Tennis is a subject that we were emailed about and asked to find information on leagues and tournaments in the area. Much to our surprise, after extensive research and asking around, we found there are not as many options for tennis players at a amateur and recreational level. That is unless you are a member of a country club or tennis facility.

We assumed that tennis would be somewhat like golf with charity events and tournaments that players of all levels could participate in. That is not the case. Of all the people we talked to and searching online it either doesn't exist or no one talks about them. Could this be due to a lack of public access tennis courts? Perhaps it's the coast of tennis equipment?

Since we are good at what we do, we did find information on tennis leagues and those specific to the Gulf Coast region. All of which are organized by the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

The USTA is a national organization for tennis is the United States. Their mission is to to promote and develop the growth of tennis from local communities to the professional game. They have their own foundation the USTA Foundation where they do events and fundraisers as well as having a Grants and Scholarships program.

The USTA are present in many states across the country represented by individual USTA State organizations. As it is more specifically related to the Gulf Coast there are associations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. Each hosting their own leagues, tournaments, and events.

This is great news for those along the Gulf Coast that have been looking for a league to join or a tournament to play in. One of the best things we learned about the USTA was they had things for juniors, adults, and seniors, men and women, as well as instruction programs from beginners to advanced players.

You can learn more at about the USTA or the Associations along the Gulf Coast at the following links.


Louisiana: Association




Friday, March 13, 2015

PGA Tour Swings Into Gulf Coast

It's that time of year when the Gulf Coast gets it's largest professional golf events. The PGA Tour, who also owns and operates the Tour and Champions Tour, will have three events in the area the last weeks of March and April.

Each of these events are great for the communities. The PGA Tour places a strong emphasis on fundraising. Hundreds of millions of dollars are raised each year through PGA Tour events and the billion dollar mark was reached in 2005. Local charities and the communities that play host to these events are huge benefactors of all three of these events. Outside of the benefit of charity the TV coverage helps showcase tourism for that area, sometimes going as far as even showing a landmark or doing a report from a tourist attraction in the area. That also leaves each area a chance to promote tourism to the golfing world.

 The Chitimacha Louisiana Open, played March 26th - 29th, is a Tour event that takes place in Broussard, a city part of Lafayette, LA. Le Triomphe is the host golf course and has been since the tournaments first year in 1992. Since the tournament has raised over $4.45 million that has been donated to various local charities.

To learn more information for this event, visit -

The Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic is a Champions Tour event that will be played March 27th - 29th. Fallen Oak, the golf course owned by the Beau Rivage Casino, is the host golf course and arguably the finest golf course in all of Mississippi. This event has had an estimated economic impact to the area of $70 million since 2010 with $15.3 million in 2014 alone.

To learn more information for this event, visit -

The larger of the three events is the Zurich Classic of New Orleans a PGA Tour event. Since 2005 the host golf course, located just 15 min. outside New Orleans, has been the TPC of Louisiana.  Zurich has been the title sponsor since 2005 and since the event has had an estimated economic impact of $40 million. An additional $22 million has been generated through television exposure. $26 million has been raised for local charities that provide education, healthcare and hope to more than 200,000 in the region. 

To learn more information for this event, visit -

Stay tuned during the weeks of each event, as we will be sharing news, information and pictures from those events. For our player news we try to locate and follow players that may be from the Gulf Coast area first. We will also have news of the top players, leaders, scores, course conditions, and weather. We look forward to bringing you further news from these events. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Women's Professional Softball?

That's right there is a women's professional softball league. Who would have known? Apparently it has been around since 1997, then known as the Women's Professional Softball League (WPSL). Today it is known as National Pro Fastpitch (NPF).

The league currently has only 5 teams with plans for more on the way. There are franchise opportunities for those willing and able to support this. We know if the assets were there we would bring a team to the Gulf Coast. As it is now however the two closest teams to the Gulf Coast are the USSSA Pride and the Dallas Charge. The other teams are the Akron Racers, Chicago Bandits, and Pennsylvania Rebellion.

This is great for women's sports, but it is ashame we haven't heard of it before.

Think about how many young girls have played softball the majority of their life because they love it. They play through high school and college then that was it for them, unless they played on national team or some adult league. This league now allows these girls to dream of playing a sport they love as a professional just like the boys have always done.

Women's professional sports has grown substantially over the years. For a long time the only sport a woman could play professionally was golf via the LPGA Tour. Now you have the women's professional basketball (WNBA) and women's professional soccer (NWSL) just to name the most popular.

What makes the NPF even more exciting to softball fans is they have an official National Pro Fastpitch College Draft. A draft makes professional sports seem so much more important and really adds to the validity of the league. This years draft is scheduled for April 1st, 2015.

We would like to see this league grow to many more teams across the country. Show your support for women's professional softball and help us spread the word.

Following are all the official links for the NPF:

Website -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Youtube -
Google + - Click Here

Friday, March 6, 2015

Golf Book Available in Paperback

A while back we did an article on a new golf instruction E-book that is available from Amazon. As promised we would do a follow up when the book was available in paperback version.

Well now it is!

To our knowledge this is the only golf instruction book available on Amazon that has nothing to do with teaching you how to swing a golf club. 

The paperback version is also available form Amazon giving those interested in the book a choice. Due to the paperback versions release it has put the E-book version price down to now $27 from its original $37. The paperback version is now set at the $37 dollar price and has a newly designed cover as well.

Here is a little reminder of what the book is about -

Manage Your Golf Game is a way to learn better golf regardless of your swing. Taught by a former playing professional and a certified golf instructor for the past ten years, you can learn to play better golf virtually overnight. Everything in this book can be applied to your very next round of golf. There are no gimmicky training aids, equipment, or expensive lessons to be bought. By learning and applying this simple method you will lose less golf balls, play more consistent, and have more fun. The value of knowledge in this book is the same as a four hour lesson at $125 per hour ($500 total) and can have you taking two, three or four shots off your very next round of golf. This is the least talked about and least taught method in golf today and the most beneficial to golfers of all abilities. This book also comes with a special bonus section to help with the mental Approach to golf. Enjoy playing better golf now!

If you would like to get your own copy the following links will make it easy for you. 
Paperback Version - Click Here

Pre-Order Callaway Big Bertha Drivers & Fairway Woods at! Available in Mid-February.

You can find out more about the books author, Kyle Hrubes, on his company web site If you have any questions you can also contact Kyle through his company and he will personally respond. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

USSSA Golf Tour Comes To Gulf Coast Region

The Unites States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) has developed an amateur golf tour and will go under the name, USSSA Golf Tour.

2015 is their inaugural season, starting out in about 40 cities across the country, with Lake Charles and New Orleans, LA being the only two currently on the Gulf Coast. Do not feel discouraged however if they are not in your city yet, as they are currently looking for local tour directors in other many other areas. With so many great Golf Courses along the Gulf Coast it is only a matter of time until they are in an area near you.

The USSSA is a large non-profit sports organization, established in 1968, governing 14 sports across North America. Widely recognized by many, it is no wonder the USSSA would put their name and reputation up and create a golf tour for amateur players. If they run these events how we have seen them run adult softball, junior golf and youth baseball events, then this tour is sure to be a huge success. After all their mission statement is: to be the most visibly recognized, technologically advanced, professionally represented sports organization in the world.

The USSSA Golf Tour will consist of local golf tournaments, national (aka Majors), and a national championship. Players are flighted using a handicap system solely based on how you play in tournaments. The inaugural national championship is already planned to be hosted in Orlando, FL sometime in September of this year.

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The USSSA Golf Tour will have annual memberships with the cost for your first year being $125, with a discounted rate when you renew the following year. Each event will have it's own prize pool for each flight and will be determined by the number of entrants per flight. Local tournaments are planned to be approximately within a 90 mile radius of the host city, will be played in gross stroke-play format, and entry will cost between $125 and $135 per single day event.

To learn more about the USSSA, their Golf Tour, how to register,or interest in becoming a tour director, we have provided the following links:

Follow USSSA Golf Tour on Twitter

Golf Tours like this always rely on and appreciate sponsors. Sponsors help with marketing efforts and tour expenses as well as adding a professional feel to the tour. Participants will often support sponsors that support them. If you would like your company to get extra local exposure and even some national exposure, contact USSSA Golf Tour for more information. 

**Please note we have no affiliation with the USSSA Golf Tour or the USSSA. This is solely for informational purposes only. For up to date and/or correct information you should contact the USSSA or USSSA Golf Tour Directly or visit one of their websites or social media pages**

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pro Beach Volleyball Coming Back to New Orleans

After 16 years the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) returns to New Orleans. It was announced Monday, by Kerri Walsh Jennings, on Monday that the AVP Tour will start its 2015 season at Laketown in Kenner, LA, an are just outside New Orleans. Lured here by the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation, the event is scheduled to take place Memorial Day weekend, May 22- 24.

The AVP New Orleans Open, as it is so named will feature 64 top men's and women's professionals competing in three days of main draw play preceded by a one-day open qualifying tournament, May 21. The competition will be held on four courts spread throughout Laketwon and will be surrounded with a high energy atmosphere that will feature great food, music, and interactive activities. 

Kenner, LA is home to the largest man-made sand volleyball complex, Coconut Beach Volleyball Complex, in the country, which makes this a perfect stop for the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball tour. 

The AVP is entering its 32nd season. 

This will be a fun event with world class players giving the community something to get excited about and support. With a two year deal in place, AVP and local officials are hoping this will grow into a long-term agreement, 

For more information on the AVP and their schedule visit - or visit the AVP Facebook Page

On other volleyball news for the Gulf Coast, the EVP Beach Volleyball Tour will be making stops in Panama City Beach, FL and New Orleans, LA. Events are scheduled to take place on May 23 - 24 at City Beach in Panama City Beach and July 10 - 11 at Coconut Beach Volleyball Complex in the New Orleans area. 

For more information about Coconut Beach Volleyball Complex and a schedule of their events visit - or the Coconut Beach Facebook Page.

For more information on the EVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tourand their schedule visit - or the EVP Tour Facebook Page