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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cold Weather and Sports

Now that the cold weather has gotten here do you have the proper clothing for your sporting activities?

Today we will go over what is needed for cold weather athletics.

It doesn't matter what sport you are playing or if it's just for exercise, if you want to do any of things outside you will need one thing - Cold Gear. Now when it comes to Cold Gear we will use the leader in the technology, Under Armour, as examples. Even though Adidas, Nike and some other top name brands also have Cold Gear it is Under Armour who first came out with the technology in 1997.

First we will go over what the difference is between Cold Gear, Heat Gear, and All Season Gear. There have been some misconceptions over the difference between Cold Gear and Heat Gear. We want you to have a clear and educated understanding of the differences. The definitions and explanations below are according to Under Armour. Other brands may vary from this, but we feel they all follow a similar guideline and any variations would only be slight.

Cold Gear -

  • Built for cold weather, typically under 55 degrees
  • Designed to keep you warm, comfortable and dry during cold weather activities.
  • Promotes blood flow and insulates your body with specifically designed fabrics.
  • Lightweight Material
  • Moisture transportation system to wick sweat away from the body
  • Breathable fabric
Heat Gear -
  • Built for extremely warm and hot conditions.
  • Designed to keep you coo and dry during warm/hot weather activities.
  • Incredibly light weight materials.
  • Superior moisture transportation system to wick sweat from your body.
  • Breathable fabric to improve air flow.
  • Quick drying material. 
All Season Gear -
  • Built for changing weather conditions or mild temperatures.
  • Made from radical fabrics that actually flex with changing conditions. 
  • Regulates body temperature with maximum breath-ability and moisture wicking capabilities, to keep you comfortable in changing conditions. 

All these different types of Gear Technology will also vary depending on what activity or sport you are playing and how much warmth you need depending on the climate where you live. For example you may wear a cold gear undershirt under a normal golf shirt while playing golf and not need additional outerwear. Or perhaps you need cold gear leggings to go under your sweats as well for running. 

Most Cold Gear for designed for athletic activities will come in the form of Compression Fit, meaning it is designed to fit snugly to your body. It is also available for for both men, women and kids. Exercise activities are the most common reason women wear cold gear, especially women's cold gear leggings. For women that participate in sports activities such as softball or running they will also be seen wearing a long sleeve cold gear undershirt. For kids this has become a newer thing and you will most likely find kids wearing a cold gear undershirt while participating in football. 

Cold Gear is not limited to under garments, also known as Baselayer, and is not limited to conventional sports activities. If you really think about it people have been wearing Cold Gear for a very long time now in the form of regular sweatshirts and sweatpants. It is just that the technology has improved to be more effective in both warmth and comfort, with the addition of looking stylish as well. Whether it's just a casual pullover hoodie, a pair of socks, or hood mask designed specifically for hunting, no matter what activity you choose you can find cold gear for you.

As you can see cold gear can be very beneficial in keeping you warm for any activity you choose during those cold months. You don't have to sacrifice your outdoor activities to stay warm. If you are one that doesn't enjoy sports or physical activity but want the benefits of cold gear you don't have to go with compression fit you can choose to go with the cold gear outerwear.

We hope we have given you some helpful information for sports in cold weather regardless of what activity you choose. Stay warm and play hard. 

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