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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Supplements in Sports

Supplements have become a big part of sports, both at a recreational and a professional level.

Athletes depend on supplements for a number of reasons. But are they taking supplements that are good for them?  A good way to determine that is to look at professional sports and their banned supplements list. Although most are the same across every professional sport they do differ here and there.

We researched this to see what any athlete, professional or not, should be taking. We found one company that not only does not have one product on the banned list but is also supported by professional sports organizations. (Do to certain restrictions we can not name the company in this article, but will link to some of their products and you can learn about them by clicking here).

This company also has some of the top elite athletes in their given sport as unpaid endorsers. Their national spokesperson is also a pro football championship MVP.

When it comes down to it there are 5 key things an athlete is looking for:

1. Sports Performance
2. Energy
3. Core Nutrition
4. Strength Training
5. Bone & Joint Health

We found that each one of those categories have products specific to an athletes needs. From re-hydrating, muscle recovery, muscle strength, multi-vitamins, and much more this company covers all bases for any athlete to stay at a peak performance level.

 A good majority of products from other companies are not approved by the highest professional organizations.Sure there are some great products from other places, and we are not here to put them down. We are just strictly pointing out that if professional athletes need to take certain products to stay in top physical shape then why wouldn't you use the same ones approved for them? One major company (we'll leave nameless) has 95% of it products on the ban list of professional sports organizations. Please note: When we mention the banned products we do not mean the product name, only that those products have one or more ingredients in them that are on the banned list.

We are just putting out the information so you can make an informed decision as to what you put in your body.

We like safe products for our kids and ourselves. When we first started researching this, several months ago, we were surprised at the number of companies that still promote certain things as being good for you when they are banned for the best athletes in the world. To us this doesn't make sense.
Why would companies hold everyone else to a lower standard than professionals and tell us it's good for us?

Health and wellness has become a big industry, with billions of dollars of products sold annually. It all comes down to that. These other companies do not care about the long term effects of what certain ingredients do to you, they will just push the ones that can give you the fastest results. Most having what we call the "steroid effect". Short term, fast results with long term damage. That is why when we found this one, single company we recommend them over anyone else.

The other benefits of this company that we did not see with many others it that they have products for: Getting Trim (Weight-Loss), Being Active, Living Well, and Skin Care as well. Also offering a  unique business opportunity for those looking to supplement their income or replace it.

We hope you have found this article useful and we hope this will help you make a informed decision on what products you use. Whether it's products we recommended or products from somewhere else remember to look at the benefits and make sure what you are putting in your body is safe.

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