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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Learn Tennis From Home

As we all know learning any sport can be a difficult and daunting task. Learning a sport that is not that easily accessible and expensive can be a flat out nightmare.

Tennis is one of those sports. Tennis is a Sport that is more equivalent to Golf, that is at least in the sense that they are two sports you don't have to be good at to enjoy, you can play your entire life, you don't have to be a professional, and they both have public access.

All other sports you play early in life and unless you play professionally you never play them again after a certain age. The only other sports that somewhat allow you to continue to play, maybe well into your 60's, are adult leagues for softball and volleyball.

Tennis is a different animal, where as there are not many public access tennis courts available anymore and where you do find one there is no kind of tennis instructor available. That pretty much leaves tennis at the Private Country Clubs or Tennis only facilities. Either way it can be expensive to just join one of these places not counting any instruction you may want.

So how do you learn a sport you love, but may not have the means or access to learn?

Instructional Videos allowing you to learn from the comfort of your own home and on your schedule, while not breaking your pocket.

We put together a small list of products we found to be very great to learn tennis from home. These are not just for people that are just taking up the game but for those also looking to improve their own Tennis skills.

Her they are:

1. How to Play tennis For Beginners - This covers everything for the beginner from the ground up. You will learn how to hold a tennis racquet, fundamentals, serve, volley, backhand, footwork and much much more. We found this not only great for the beginner, but extremely helpful for those that needed to re-establish their fundamentals or correct a weak part of their game. Learn More - Click Here

2. Mindset Techniques For Tennis“How to “Flip the Switch” and INSTANTLY Catapult your Tennis Game to the Elite Level… And Deliver Crippling Bullet Serves, Slice the Court in Half with Impossible Speed and Consistently Outclass Your Opponents – Without Adding a Single Minute of Practice!”. We saw tremendous improvement in the people we tested this product on. The simple change in the players mind change their belief of their abilities unlocking their hidden potential. Learn More - Click Here

3. Tennis Serve Video Instructional Course - This video course is all about the serve. It covers basic technique to strength and speed. A great product for those looking to improve their tennis serve, helping their students create an effortless, rhythmic, and repeatable serve. We found this to be more beneficial to those that already have a basic understanding of Tennis and not as helpful for someone that has never played the game before. Still it will help everyone and the serve is a very important part of playing the game of tennis. Learn More - Click Here

4. Tennis Strength And Mobility Workouts - A great product for exactly what it says it is for, strength and mobility. One of the best things of this program is that it is taught from a high performance coach and former top 100 ATP and all american player. Highlighting the importance of fitness training for tennis, this has it all from how to train to sport specific exercises. We found that this can be very beneficial for even those not interested in tennis but that may want to become tennis fit. We all know the best tennis players are in the best shape, so if you are serious about your tennis game or just your fitness level this product will help greatly and in about 12 weeks. Learn More - Click Here

5. The Tennis Parent’s Bible - This was actually a very excellent product for parents raising kids that could become world class tennis players. Helping parents and coaches deal with the mental and emotional complexities their kids go through as world class young adults. This product was so good in fact that we find it could possibly translate into other sports even though this is tennis specific. Learn More - Click Here

These have all been tested with different age groups and abilities. Each one worked great and each tennis player saw improvement or learned to play very quickly. The greatest benefit of each of these products is the cost effectiveness and the savings. On average each product saves $100 - $150 of traditional instruction. 

We hope you found all this helpful and we wish you the best with any or all that you may try. 

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