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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gulf Coast Softball - Where can you play?

As adults want to become more active while also being social, one would wonder what options are out there. We decided to do a search for the most popular sport amongst adults, Softball, and where one can play.

Why is softball the most popular? 

Simple, it is a sport for both men and women. There are all men's leagues, all women's leagues, and co-ed or mixed leagues. 

Even with it's popularity, why does it appear there are no places for adult sports much less adult softball? 

Main reason is that even with today's technology most parks and leagues do not have a website or any kind of web presence. The only way to find most of these leagues is to know someone already involved in one. Now as I mention this I am only talking about the Gulf Coast region from Lake Charles, LA to Panama City, FL. If you search for softball leagues in say Michigan or other areas up north you will find a great deal of information. 

We don't know if it is due to budget, laziness, complacency, or some other reason that softball complexes and leagues along the Gulf Coast do not have a stronger web presence, but it needs to change. Think about it this way. If you are new to an area ad want to find things to get involved in what is the first thing you would do to find it? Search the internet right? Of course you would. 

We found nine, only nine in the entire region. We know of more than that from traveling throughout the area. We have seen, been to or at least heard of twice that many along the Gulf Coast. We will mention a few of those later, but here are the ones we found. 

Listed from West to East:
Now that we have listed the only nine we have found be searching the internet, we also know of Adult leagues and Sports complexes in Lafayette, LA - Slidell, LA - Bay St. Louis, MS - Gulfport, MS - Biloxi, MS - Mobile, AL - and Gulf Shores, AL. Most have an affiliation with the USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) and you can find leagues through them. The three biggest not found via search we knew where and how to find them. 

Acadiana Sports Leagues - Located in Lafayette, LA
Gulf Shores Sportsplex - Located in Gulf Shores, AL
Gulfport Sportsplex - Located in Gulfport, MS

We found the best way to find whats in your area was to actually search for softball fields using Google Maps. Although this worked on finding field locations, not all fields or complexes had any kind of contact information. However this would allow you to know where they are located and you can swing by to inquire if they have adult leagues. 

We do hope this has been very helpful to you. If you know of any other softball leagues or complexes please leave comments so others can know as well. 

Once you have found a league the next thing is to get the right equipment. We will do another article on that at a later date. Until then feel free to browse our Sports Store


  1. Summer is here thus my family spends the weekends at a softball field some place on the east drift. My eldest little girl plays 16 and under travel softball. What this truly means is we go through the weekend with alternate guardians on the group, cheering and discussing softball.

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