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Monday, September 15, 2014

Golf Course Review - Farm d'Allie - LA

Today's review comes from Carencro, a small town just north of Lafayette, LA with a litle known hidden gem called Farm d'Allie Golf Club.

Having heard good things of Farm d'Allie about their course layout and conditions we wanted to see for ourselves. We got our perfect opportunity as they just re-opened labor day after completing a construction project that included new greens.  

Once arriving at the course and seeing what looks to be a temporary clubhouse, you wonder if you are at the right place. Yes you are. Although it appears to be temporary they have all the necessities for a round of golf. There is a full service pro shop, bar and grill, restrooms, and even a second snack house, they call the Farm House, out by the driving range.

The friendly staff at Farm d'Allie truly shows what Southern Louisiana Charm is all about. From the moment we were greeted to the moment we left, the staff did a wonderful job of making us feel welcome and like family. Farm d'Allie is also one of the very few golf courses not only in the state of Louisiana but also along the entire golf coast to have a LPGA Member Class A Professional. 

The golf course has a full driving range and separate teaching area along with a large practice putting green. The only thing we didn't like about the practice areas was the layout of where they were situated. The driving range is placed nicely close to both the first and tenth tee's making it easy to warm up then proceed to the starting tee. There is even a very nice short game area next to the driving range where you can work on bunker shots and short wedge shots up to about 50 yards. The practice green however is by the clubhouse. From the driving range it is past the tenth tee behind the eighteenth and ninth greens in an area that could be next to where a permanent clubhouse might be built in the future. If the routing of the golf course was to change and the tenth hole becomes the first hole this could be fine in the future, but the way it is now is somewhat a issue when it comes to warming up before a round of golf. If you are like us and hit balls first then proceed to the practice green then to the first tee the walk from the range to the practice green and then backtracking to the first tee is not ideal, especially when you have to stop for groups teeing off on ten. 

All in all the practice facilities serve their purpose and it is a good start before your round. 

The course itself did not disappoint. Although we found the routing to be a bit strange for a few holes, each individual hole has it's own character with a good mix of yardages for each one. The course starts and ends with par five's which can make it fun for the group that has a little something extra on the line or for the opportunity to start and finish well. We particularly found the par three's to be a delight, with not one playing the same yardage the entire day. One par three in-particular was fun with a very unique design. You will know which one when you go play there. 

Our only concern with the golf course came with the conditions. One we found the fairways to be cut very long. The ball sat up so high that it was like hitting out of a first cut of rough form other golf courses. They were still beautiful and we believe this was a result from the recent rains that soaked the area or form over fertilizing. The longer grass results in less spin on the ball, even when hitting an approach with a wedge, that made it very difficult hitting into new, firm greens. Our other concern is in the greens themselves. The greens rolled great and true all day, but for some reason there were a few greens that looked like they are already struggling or dying in some areas. For a course that has only been back open for a few weeks with new grass we do not see why this would happen. One green was really bad and had sand on almost one quarter of it. (note: this did not affect the pin location or play-ability of the green in any way). It is our understanding that the small areas we saw are similar to what caused the course to close and re-construct the greens in the first place.  Now whether this is a cause in recent weather, the soil itself, the maintenance, or some other reason only time will tell. 

Even with our concerns of the future of the golf course itself these were small areas and by no means did they affect the play of the golf course. It was all mostly the aesthetics of the course that were affected in theses  areas. 

Overall we are very pleased with Farm d'Allie Golf Club. With a good layout, mature trees, good conditions, and a very friendly staff we recommend this course as a must play if you are in the area.

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