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Monday, August 25, 2014

Football Being Ruined by the NFL

After watching games for the third straight week of the 2014 season we are very disappointed in the direction the NFL is heading. Are you?

Here's why. The NFL every year has to add new rules and take something away from the game and players. As a fan it takes away from us too. With all the new NFL rules of what players can't do anymore it causes more penalties, and penalties make the game take longer. It used to be that a game would take just under three hours to complete, now games are thirty minuets to an hour longer. That's not how football is supposed to be played. We all want fast paced, hard hitting, and big plays, very hard to get that when a penalty is called every other play.

The NFL is starting to deliver a bad product to it's fans, but the truly sad part of it is that the NFL does not care about it's fans. The fans are the customers of the NFL and as any business owner will tell you, you can not run a business without customers and a successful business can only be run with happy customers. How long before the NFL starts losing it's customers, the ones that drive ticket sales, buy merchandise, drive TV ratings, etc... We know it may not happen soon, but if they keep up what they are doing it could be heading in that direction. We even have recently head some compelling arguments on the NFL Network and ESPN by certain commentators (to remain nameless).

Let us also look at the entertainment value already taken away from us. It seems that no longer will we see a player celebrate a touchdown. Whether it's the new "Jimmy Grahm" - No dunking Rule, the "Terrell Owens" - Sharpie Rule, or any other rule they have put in place that leads to a player being fined and the team incurring a penalty, the players that score are no longer allowed to entertain us. Isn't that way we pay to go see, Entertainment? If you are going to punish players that score touchdowns this way then the same standard should be held toward players that celebrate after getting a sack. If it's about things that delay the game sacks delay the game more than any touchdown celebration. Players high stepping and running fifteen yards down field is a big delay, especially since the offence can't try a hurry up and get that guy off-sides because now the QB has to wait for a ref to get in a certain place before he's allowed to call for the snap.

All the new penalties are ruining the enjoyment as well. We get you want to protect the players, but here is the truth about it. Everyone of those players new what they were getting into from the first time they stepped into the NFL. Players expect to get hit and some want to hit hard. The NFL needs to stop babying them, especially the QB's. Soon it will become nothing more than flag football at this rate. Come on, isn't everything they are trying to stop the exact reason they wear pads in the first place?

The hands to the face has to be the most penalized this year and the hit to a QB helmet the most since that rule was put in place. They wear helmets for a reason. As long as they don't grab the face-mask and twist what is the problem? The defensive lineman get it the worst, if they can't put their hands up to try a disrupt a QB throwing the ball because it may lead to them hitting the QB in the head then you might as well just eliminate the pass rush from the game. If theses QB's can't take a little tap in the head then maybe they should switch to a less contact sport like ballet.

Is the NFL really that full of itself that it thinks all these changes will not have long term effects to the game? It probably does. From personal experience with former NFL players we know the NFL does not care about the players and it is very clear it does not care about the fans either. It they really are concerned about player safety then maybe they should worry more on the equipment changes they have made that seems to be causing more frequent injuries than years past. Perhaps they should invest in the players after their careers with better medical support or some kind of post career rehab. Again every player knows the risk when they signed up to play, yet they still signed up anyway. These are all grown men out there, let them play real football and not this modified version of what it has become.

Two things we know won't happen; not enough fans have the courage to speak up about what is being taken from us even though it is we the fans that are responsible for the money generated to the NFL, it's players, and teams. The only way the NFL would ever feel a real blow from the fans would be if we went on strike and didn't purchase a ticket, a jersey or even watch a game on TV for an entire season. The other thing is the NFL will not listen, nor will they care what the fans want or think. Be it the NFL commissioner, or NFL owners if it is all their ego's that are running this business then we may see a day when the NFL collapses.

Maybe the best thing that could produce real change would be to change some of the structure of the NFL. One commisiner may not be right with only one man having the final say in everything. Perhaps we need to one for the AFC and one for the NFC. Also wouldn't it be nice just like the players have the NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) to protect them there should be a NFLFA (National Football League Fan Association). This way all parties that make up the whole of the NFL can be represented here and there should be a meeting at least twice a year.

Whats your opinion as a fan of Football?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge, Good or Bad for ALS?

What is the craze of the ice bucket challenge? 

This is a question we were asked just this morning. We wanted to know why someone would ask that, as we assumed everyone knew. Apparently everyone doesn't know and we wanted to know why. So we spent nearly six hours today researching it. 

For those that don't know what ALS or the Ice Bucket Challenge is, here are the definitions:
Source: (Wikipedia)

ALS - Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)—also referred to as motor neurone disease (MND), Charcot disease, and, in the United States, Lou Gehrig's disease—is a neurodegenerative disease with various causes. It is characterised by muscle spasticity, rapidly progressive weakness due to muscle atrophy, difficulty in speaking (dysarthria), swallowing (dysphagia), and breathing (dyspnea). ALS is the most common of the five motor neuron diseases

Ice Bucket Challenge - Sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on one's head or donating to ALS research. It went viral throughout social media during mid 2014. - The challenge dares nominated participants to be filmed having a bucket of ice water poured on their heads. A common stipulation is that nominated people have 24 hours to comply or forfeit by way of a charitable financial donation. 

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been instrumental in raising awareness for ALS, but has that awareness been forgotten? 

Not completely, but yes it is. 

We viewed 75 videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Out of those 75 only 12 actually mentioned why they were doing it. The ones that did mention that it was to raise awareness of ALS were mostly celebrities. The majority of people we watched just did the challenge then challenged their friends. No explanation as to why they were doing it.

When we were first approached about doing the challenge it was clearly stated what it was for and either do it or donate. Even stated what charity to donate to had the challenge not been accepted. A clear understanding of raising awareness and money. Not enough people are being educated as to what ALS is and what the challenge stands for. Even with the challenge going viral through Social Media.

It's not mostly that people are not saying why they are doing the challenge, but in the fact that it is no longer helping raise money. Raising money is the biggest motivating factor of the challenge in the first place. That why we believe the Ice Bucket Challenge is no longer helping. 

For those of us that live along the Gulf Coast and are New Orleans Saints fans, ALS has been something we have been aware of for years, even before the Ice Bucket Challenge. Our beloved Steve Gleason, a hero in the eyes of fans, was diagnosed with ALS and has his own foundation, Team Gleason, in raising awareness and fundraising for research efforts. 

We know not every city has a celebrity that helps generate a "buzz" so to speak around ALS, but every city should have a spokesperson. Had it not been for Team Gleason the majority of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast may not be aware of ALS

Raising awareness about anything in a fun way that spreads the word is great. To whomever started the Ice Bucket Challenge, we commend you for it. However we need to find a way to make sure everyone is educated as to why the ice bucket challenge is being done and how they can donate. 

Perhaps that should be the next challenge? Video yourself giving money to an ALS Charity of your choice. 

Want to donate and do your part in the fight against ALS? Here are just a few links to some of the biggest named charities: (you can also Goolge ALS Charities in your City)

Team Gleason

ALS Association -

ALS Hope Foundation -

ALS Raising Hope Foundation

Blazeman Foundation for ALS

ALS Foundation For Life

ALS Family Charitable Foundation

We hope you have found this helpful and will help spread the word. People need to know the proper information as to why they are doing something that has such a worthwhile cause behind it. If you take the challenge say why you are doing it, what it helps, and even mention an ALS Charity of your liking.   

Be on the look out for a follow-up article on this in a week or so and see if the next 75 videos we watch will have a higher number of people stating why they are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. Who knows maybe we will even find a few that videoed themselves donating money.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Golf Instruction Product Reviews

Golf is a complicated, yet simple sport. With so many methods and approaches to learning the game it can be overwhelming finding how to learn to play golf. Although usually the best way is through a series of traditional lessons, the main reason golfer do not seek out lessons is due to time and money. 

As a former golf professional and playing professional I grabbed some colleagues so we could see what's out there that resolves this problem. How can golfers learn better golf within their budget and time restrictions? So we got to work. 

Recently we have tested numerous products on the market today for golf instruction. We have narrowed the list down to what we believe to be the top three. This is based on the simplest to understand, simple to implement, and results. 

1. Golf Beginner Guide: This Guide is geared to the beginner/novice golfer and how to learn golf in five days or less. With a, from the ground up approach, this guide teaches the basic fundamentals necessary to play golf. Covering more than any other instruction book we have read the Golf Beginner Guide goes well beyond what traditional golf instruction covers.

 Here is a sample of what is covered:
  • Golf Swing (All aspects)
  • How Golf Clubs work
  • Golf Clubs and Golf Balls (what is right for you)
  • Tips to purchasing Golf Equipment
You can see why this is at the top of our list. No other product we tested or searched for covered this much. this Beginner Golf Guide can help you or someone you know get on the right road to playing golf or playing better golf. This Guide is available for immediate download and even comes with some great bonuses. 

To learn more about the Golf Beginner Guide and see testimonials - Click Here!

2. The Key to a Repeatable Golf Swing: This product blew our mind as it teaches a very simple way to develop a repeatable golf swing no matter what your ability and with every club. The design behind this method is that it does not take a certain body type or athletic ability to play great golf.

The simple principals use four drills, simple visualization, important keys of the grip, and much more. This all leads to straighter and longer golf shots which also leads to less frustration on the golf course. Everything taught here would normally consist of over ten traditional lessons and could be valued at over $800 to $1,000. Many other great bonuses with this as well.

To learn how you too can find your Key to a Repeatable Golf Swing - Click Here!

3. Junior Golf Training: This makes number three on the list more the simple reason that there are not enough instructional products out there for junior golfers. This is a peak performance system designed specifically for junior golfers aged 8 - 18. It also includes golf fitness, nutrition and mental game strategies.

This program worked great for our juniors that lacked distance off the tee, didn't know how to stretch properly, fatigue on the golf course, and just the pressures of being a kid.

When it comes to juniors and golf not enough is taught, especially to the parents. There is even a section for them, Are we pushing our kids too hard? Parents alone are not taught enough about the effects golf can have on a junior  and what they need to know for their kids, safety, health, and enjoyment of the sport. Whether our junior golfers go on to be professional superstars or just play the game recreational everything taught with Junior Golf training can be very beneficial.

To learn more about Junior Golf Training -  Click Here!

We hope you found this information helpful. We will be doing other reviews for products for other sports such as Tennis, Volleyball, Soccer and much more.

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