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Monday, December 29, 2014

New Years Resolutions?

It's the time of year when everyone has that New Year's Resolution to change something in their life. The most popular resolutions people make are weight loss and fitness goals. There are many others such as better mental focus to getting out of debt as well, but regardless of what they are why do most people not stick to them?

Today we will talk about why people make a New Years Resolution to lose weight and become more fit or active.

First what is a New Years Resolution? According to Wikipedia it is a secular tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere, but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year's Day.

Now the majority of people regardless of the shape they are already in want to become more fit with the vast majority wanting to lose weight. Those are great goals for everyone as health and wellness are very important to the human body.

For those that want to lose weight why do they not see their Resolution through? The biggest factors are, not knowing how or where to start, lack of support, loss of motivation, and financial reasons. There is no acceptable excuse if you are serious enough.

Knowing where to start is as simple as doing some research. There are thousands of search results that can get you in the right direction. You can't let lack of support stop you either. The only support you need is your own. To stay motivated keep an end goal in mind while making weekly goals that will get you to your final goal. That could be to lose 5 lbs each week or run 10 minutes longer each day. Whatever goal it takes for you personally to keep it fun and interesting. Even financial reasons are not an excuse. Yes financial can get in the way of joining a health club, but that is it. There are many ways to reach your goal without a health club membership.

Although the reasons for not seeing a resolution through for those that want to become more fit can be the same, they do differ a bit. There is more procrastination on just getting started, with the most common excuse being. "I'll start tomorrow". To some it's even fear of something new and even worried they can't handle the change. Others even have a fear of being judged for the lifestyle change by friends or family who do nothing in regard to fitness. Again though if you are serious enough none are legitimate excuses.

So we know why some people do not follow through with there New Year's Resolution, now lets talk about how you can start and see it through.

Regardless if your goal is weight loss, getting more fit or both one of the best ways to start is to find the right supplements. Now when we say supplements we mean more than just a daily vitamin. We are talking for energy, strength training, immune health, bone/joint health and much more... The right supplements can have a dramatic impact on your health.

Once you find the right supplements to complement your goals the next thing is to get to the physical aspects of your goal. If you need support it may help to find a friend or family member looking to accomplish a similar goal. This can help the both of you with support from each other as well as keeping each other motivated. Now, obviously the best way to achieve your results would be a health club and utilize a personal trainer. Having an expert guide you is always best, but we know not everyone can afford it.

From home all it takes is 15 - 30 minutes each day. Whether that is a workout DVD or just a walk you can achieve results by doing anything that keeps you moving. There have been some women who after having a baby found  a way to get exercise in lifting their baby and doing laundry. So you can do it too.

Make up your mind you want to change and stick with it. Stay positive and stay away from negativity. Use affirmations every day like " I am Happy, Healthy and Wealthy" until it becomes your reality and continue them. For some this may mean surrounding yourself with a different more positive group of friend that will challenge you and motivate you to achieve your goals. Others may join a recreational softball team or the like to start being more active. Whatever you need to do, DO NOT make excuses and DO IT!

Every link in this article is from our Health and Wellness Partner. They have everything you need to see your Resolution through. From a 24 day weight loss program, safe products, a financial opportunity, a great support system and even debt help. The endorsers of this company are all unpaid endorsers and the national spokesperson is a leading pro football quarterback. We highly recommend for those serious about losing weight or becoming more fit as their New Year's Resolution or even those looking for extra income and getting out of debt to take a serious look at this company.

We hope this has helped all of you that have these goals in mind as your New Year's Resolution. If you need some extra advice or have any questions leave comments below and we will help you the best we can. Happy New Year to all and we wish you the best in achieving your New Year's Resolution and goals.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Golf E-Book Hits Amazon

We did an article about this book back on November 7th, 2014. This book, Manage Your Golf Game is possibly one of the best instructional books on the market today. The best part is it has nothing to do with swing changes or gimmicky training aids.

This book is now available from Amazon. Only available as an E-book right now, but we understand that plans to have it printed in paperback are under way.

This book was released to the public during late October to market during the Christmas Holidays. It is available at a mere fraction of the cost of what it takes to learn this in person. And when we say a fraction we are talking about a savings of near $460.

Recently released on December 8th, 2014 on the Kindle Store with a new cover, it is our understanding that this book has already become very popular.

If you are looking to improve your golf game virtually overnight, this book will help. It is a practical application book that can be applied to your very next round of golf. This book is about the least talked about and least taught method in golf today. Why? Simple, it only has to be taught once. There are no extra lessons or equipment to sell once this is learned.

The author of this Book will be coming out with some instructional videos early next year and we will have samples of those video's on our YouTube Channel. Being that this is still a work in progress if there are any specific tips and or videos our readers would like to see please let us know.

If you are interested in more lessons keep an eye out as we will also be offering an opportunity for golfers, tennis players, and more to send in videos and have them critiqued by a professional from that respective sport.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Year Round Gulf Coast Fishing

Where else can you fish year round on a boat and still catch fish regardless of the weather? Along the Gulf Coast that's where.

With an average annual temperature of 76 degrees, you can understand why so many fishing charters along the Gulf Coast are not a seasonal business.

We came across an article today from OutdoorHub about an experience had with one such fishing charter service out of Bay St. Louis, MS. - Shore Thing Fishing Charters. The article, entitled Beating the Drum in Bad Weather Along the Upper Gulf Coast is a true testament as to why so many people visit the Gulf Coast all year long for fishing. Good, bad, hot and cold weather you are sure to find fish with the right charter service. We highly recommend you read the article we mention above.

Although the Gulf Coast is more known for it's beaches along the Florida Panhandle and Alabama coast, it's casino's on the Mississippi Coast, It's Swamps of the Louisiana Coast and more beaches along the Texas coast, it is also know for some of the best inshore and offshore fishing in the world. You can fish for Trout or Redfish inshore as well as offshore or even go fish for Cobia, Snapper (when in season) or even bigger Fish such as Tuna and Amberjack.

No matter what your fancy is, if you prefer offshore with heavier rod's and reel's or the lighter tackle of inshore fishing, along the Gulf Coast you have plenty of options.

If you are planning a trip to the Gulf Coast whether you stay at a Best Western, Hilton or one of the Casinos Hotels, with the friendly southern hospitality, they will help you find a fishing charter that fits your needs. If you are traveling to Bay St. Louis, MS give Shore Thing Fishing Charters a call @ 228-342-2206. You can also check out a short video from them on our Fishing page as well.

For other fishing Charter information we have searched for you and here are the links to Charters along the entire Gulf Coast. Each link is just the Google Search results of each area

We will soon be doing reviews of different Fishing Charter Services along the Gulf Coast, with Video's of how they went as well as a write up of the service, price, etc... If you would like specific information about fishing charters in a certain area please feel free to leave a comment of what you would like to know and we would be happy to answer them for you. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Golf Course Review - TPC of Louisiana

Today's review comes from the TPC of Louisiana. Home to the PGA Tour's Zurich Classic of New Orleans. TPC of Louisiana is located in Avondale, LA, a part of the New Orleans Metropolitan area, and is a 15 minute drive from downtown.

Upon arriving at TPC of Louisiana you first get a feeling of seclusion as you turn into the entrance and head your way to the clubhouse. The entrance, as with every golf course, is the first impression anyone will get of any golf course property. This entrance is a good start as to what one can expect the rest of the day.

Once arriving to the clubhouse itself you get your first taste of Southern Hospitality as you are greeted by the staff at the bag drop. This also becomes the first impression of what to expect from the rest of the staff you will encounter the rest of the day. The outside service personnel will greet you with a smile and make you feel very welcome. Whether it is your first time there or if you are a regular they treat everyone the same.

Your second dose of hospitality comes with the staff in the clubhouse. Whether you decide to first check in with the Golf Shop staff or perhaps you arrived early for a bite to eat and experience the dining at TPC of Louisiana, you will be greeted with the same Southern Hospitality.

Before your golf begins, as you meander your way through the clubhouse, you will find that no amenity is missed. With full dinning, a full service golf shop, and both Men's and Women's locker rooms, just about anything you need or can think of is at your disposal. The dinning experience is filled with the normal golf course favorites, but also has a grand New Orleans cuisine available. The Golf Shop has everything you need to compliment your round of golf. If you want a souvenir or just need to grab a few extra balls for your round you will be sure the Golf Shop has it. Which the staff will also ask, as to remind you in case there is anything you need or forgot. The locker rooms have full showers, lockers, and lounge area's for those not in a hurry or would like to clean up before heading back home or to their hotel. You will also find a very friendly beverage cart service on the golf course seven days a week.

As you make your way to prepare for your round the practice facilities are top notch, as you would expect from any golf course that host a PGA Tour event. A full range, practice chipping green with bunkers, and a large putting green will help you tune all areas of your game before you get started.

The golf course itself, designed by Pete Dye, gives you a true South Louisiana feel as the course winds through native Cypress Trees and natural wetlands. Mr. Dye has also designed two other golf courses for the TPC Network, the AT&T Canyons Course at TPC San Antonio and the more famous Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass, which all host PGA Tour events. As his reputation has preceded him, Mr. Dye did not disappoint here at TPC Louisiana.

Although a challenging golf course, TPC of Louisiana is also a very fun golf course. Playing where some of the best in the world have played is always a great experience. You can appreciate the challenges the professionals face each week. An added bonus at TPC of Louisiana, that you do not get at every golf course that host a professional event, is that they do their best to keep the conditions for everyone what they are for the professionals. You may also encounter an alligator or two during your round as well as other Native Louisiana Wildlife.

The course condition were excellent. The greens were not super fast, but still had some speed, and they were rolling very true. TPC of Louisiana also keeps the the rough height short, making the golf course a more enjoyable experience. By no means are we saying it still does not pose it's challenges, the rough is just not 4 inches deep. This also allows golfers to more easily find that occasional shot the misses the fairway. All the bunkers throughout the golf course, which there are plenty, are all well maintained as well. This is great for both the aesthetics as well as the play-ability of each bunker on the golf course. 

There is a really good mix of holes and the golf course is routed through the property very well. There are some very short and unique holes, like numbers 8, 13 and 16, as well as some unique par-5 holes, such as numbers 11(with a giant Cypress Tree in the fairway) and 18. The 18th hole at TPC of Louisiana is ranked as one of the best finishing holes on the PGA Tour. Once you play it you will understand why and if you have never seen the Zurich Classic Of New Orleans in person you can imagine the excitement the 18th provides during the final round. 

If you live in the greater New Orleans area or are visiting the area, the TPC of Louisiana is a must play for any golfer. Not only is the golf course one of the best in the New Orleans are, but it is also one of the best in the entire state of Louisiana and perhaps the Gulf Coast. The course, which is also part of the Audubon Golf Trail, has received numerous awards from Golf Digest and Golf Magazine

The following is our raring for: Overall Experience, Course Conditions, Course Design, Value received, Facilities, and Staff. A 0-10 point system is used with 10 being the highest and 0 being the lowest.
Overall Experience
Course Conditions
Course Design
Value Received

Another great compliment to TPC of Louisiana and it's professional staff is how they operate and accommodate large groups, charity events and celebrity events. Very professional and efficient, whether you have a large group of friends or looking to host an event you can be assured they will make everything they do seem effortless and put you at ease. We know this from experience having participated in several events at TPC of Louisiana.  

Membership to a TPC golf course is not limited to only Private TPC clubs. TPC of Louisiana Membership is very affordable and has some great perks to it. We are surprised that such a premier course can practically give away memberships. It is such a great deal that we are considering joining. 

For those looking to improve upon their game, this TPC is a destination of the PGA Tour Experiences with PGA Tour Academy instructors. We have experienced their instruction first hand and it is by far some of the best instruction in the world. Each instructor must meet a very strict criteria to be part of the PGA Tour Academy. You will experience top quality instruction as well as have a wonderful time. A great example is this following video of Senior Head Golf Professional Brian Long. 

If you have any comments or questions about TPC of Louisiana feel free to let us know by commenting on this post. You can also contact the TPC of Louisiana directly at 504-436-8721 or visit their website at

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Gift Idea Follow Up

We are doing a short follow up to yesterdays article Sporting Goods Christmas Gift Ideas. We offered to help people find certain products and answer questions they may have about specific products or categories. Well we received several emails with questions that put us searching for more product ideas.

The most popular request was where can one find Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles? Here is what we found to have the most options and plenty more.

This company handles more in the Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles than any other company we found.

Beckett Media - - Beckett Media has been the voice of the collectibles industry from the time Dr. James Beckett published his first Sport Americana Baseball Card Price Guide book in 1979 to the launch of the first issue of Beckett Baseball magazine five years later. In the 30 years since that rather simplistic first issue of Beckett Baseball, the magazine – and the company itself – has grown in significant proportions, similar to the very field it covers.

Beckett Media covers the following areas and more: 
Auction Services - Fantasy Sports - Digital Magazine - Online Price Guide - Grading Services - Fan Shop - Coin Collection - Cards in all Sports - Monthly Magazine - Membership Opportunities - and Easy Accessible Apps - Their marketplace has an inventory of over 30 Million Sports Cards and Collectibles. 

The second most popular question was where to get Fitness Gear and Technology and one with the biggest sales or best prices. 

We found one company that not only has prices up to 60% off and great prices but also with a very large selection of various products.  

Clever TrainingClever Training is a multi-channel specialty retailer and leading provider of innovative athletic training gear. Whether preparing elite athletes for competition or helping individuals lead healthy lifestyles, our fitness experts focus exclusively on providing our customers with the latest fitness tools and innovations to help them achieve their goals. Clever Training has grown into a team of fitness experts who have evolved the company, which began as a small business and local store, to a world class provider of fitness technologies and equipment. Along the way, Clever Training has become the industry leader for passionate, competitive athletes who have learned to trust in the brand. We want to be their FIRST choice.

Clever Training has top brands in all their categories of Run, Cycle, Swim, Outdoor, Fitness, as well as Men and Women's Apparel and Accessories. Each category even has sub categories that make their website easy to navigate and find what you may want. 

All other questions we received have gotten direct responses for the specific's they asked about. If you have any questions about any products that are sports related, please do not hesitate to ask us. We want to help you find the right gift for family, friends, or even for yourself. Email us at -, comment on this article, visit our Facebook Page, Google+ Page, or our Twitter Page to contact us. Happy Holidays to everyone!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sporting Goods Christmas Gift Ideas

It is that time of year again. The time where we get Christmas gifts for those we love.

Sometimes it can be a daunting task to find a gift for anyone, but even more so when you are getting a sports related gift for someone. When it comes to gifts in the sporting goods category you have to be careful what you get a friend or loved one. So many people even at a recreational level of sports are picky about what they use for their respective sport of choice.

Lets take fishing for an example: A man or woman who fishes may only like a certain brand rod and reel to use, a certain type of lure, or even a certain brand of sunglasses.

To be sure you do not get them a gift they may not like you should try and get as much information about what they like and do not like. Most people will gladly tell you what their favorite equipment or brand is for a sport. they will be excited to talk about it and even tell you why they like it so much.

All sports have top brands of clothing and equipment that people favor. We will break down some of the top items of the four most popular recreational sports as well as some things to stay away from for each sport. Of course the safe route for any gift,especially in sporting goods is a gift card.

The following is a breakdown of the four most popular recreational sports of Golf, Fishing, Fitness and Tennis. Each will start with what to stay away from then follow up with two product gift ideas.


Golfers may be the pickiest of all to shop for. golfers will be particular about the ball they play, the brand shirts they wear, down to even the color of tee's they use. The best thing for a golfer is a gift card to their favorite store like a Golfsmith or Edwin Watts or their favorite brand perhaps like Taylor Made. The things you DO NOT want to get any golfer, unless they have specified they want them, are the cartoonish club head covers, golf balls (unless you know what brand they prefer), training aids or any equipment. Here are the three top ideas you can get a golfer.

1. Apparel - 2. Rangefinders/GPS

The Nike Men's Victory Short Sleeve Polo combines timeless style and performance technology to keep you comfortable on the course. Made from moisture-wicking Dri-FIT fabric, it moves sweat away from your skin, keeping you dry when your round heats up. The classic silhouette also features performance stretch and ergonomic flat-seam construction that minimizes chafing and helps you make every swing, pitch and putt in ultimate comfort.

 SkyCaddie® TOUCH by SkyGolf. The SkyCaddie TOUCH features a glove-friendly, easy-to-use, easy-to-read touchscreen with Bluetooth connectivity to provide golfers with the ultimate user experience and convenience when coupled with a FREE Smartphone app.The TOUCH features a hi-resolution, sunlight readable, color display that amplifies the superiority of SkyCaddie's preloaded maps over its competition.


Fishing is not as tough as golf, but those who fish are picky about certain things. You almost can't go wrong with anything you get in this category, but there are some things you should stray from getting as a gift. Don't get a rod and reel combo as this is the pickiest item for most fisherman. The only other item we recommend staying away from would be sunglasses. Not only are there different brands that fisherman are picky about, but the color lens (blue, yellow, etc..) and type of lens (polarized, or non-polarized) are all personal preferences as well as a performance issue depending on where they fish. Here are the top two suggested items:

1. Marine Cooler - 2. Electric Filet Knife

Pelican Marine Cooler - Available in 35qt -95qt 7-10 day ice retention, freezer grade gasket, 2" polyurethane insulation. Press & Pull Latches (Wide for Gloved Use). Molded-In Tie Downs. Molded-In Lock Hasp, Stainless Steel Plate. Sloped Drain & Tethered Threaded Plug (Garden Hose Attachable). Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Hardware. Guaranteed for life. Assembled in the USA with US and foreign components. Ice retention - Initial test results are based on the Pelican 65Qt Elite Cooler model. Testing was conducted using forced air circulation in a temperature controlled environmental chamber at 90 degrees F. The test specimens were loaded to capacity with commercial cubed ice. Performance will vary by model size and external user conditions, such as; (sun exposure, wind, ice type, frequency of opening, etc.). Interior Dimensions: 15.75"x 12.00"x 11.50

Rapala ProGuide Cordless Fillet Knife Set. Quick and easy fish prep! Makes quick work out of your catch of the day! And no cord means no tangles and no restrictions. The rest: 2 removable rechargeable battery packs; 6" and 7 1/2" blades included to match the knife to the species. Order yours today! WARNING: You must be 18 or older to purchase Cutlery. Cutlery cannot be shipped to Marin, Napa, Ventura and Yolo counties, CA; CO; CT; D.C.; MA or Puerto Rico. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering Cutlery. Rapala ProGuide Cordless Electric Knife


In the fitness category there isn't really anything to stay away from as a gift. However you would not want to get someone a pair of shoes or fitness equipment. We all know why shoes are a bad gift idea. There is a brand preference, sizing, color, and comfort factor. As for fitness equipment, unless specified, giving this as a gift can be taken as an insult and there is the type and size of the equipment that would be a preference. There are however some top HOT products that sport fitness lovers are looking for. Here are the top two suggested gift ideas. 

1. Fitness Trackers - 2. Gym/Duffle Bag

Nike+ Fuelband SE Fitness Tracker - •Available in three sizes: small (5.79 inches / 147mm), medium/large (6.77 inches / 172mm) and extra-large (7.76 inches / 197mm). •Includes two easy-to-insert links (.32 inches / 8mm and .63 inches / 16mm) for a fine-tuned fit •USB charging cable and sizing tool included •Ambient light sensor detects environmental light levels and adjusts accordingly •Bluetooth 4.0 pairing to smart phones (for use with the Nike+ FuelBand app for iOS 6.1 and above, iPhone 4S and above, and iPod Touch 5th generation and above) •Optimized for the web (Mac OSX v10.6 and above / Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8) and works on iOS devices (iPhone 4S and above, iPod Touch 5th generation and above). •Water-resistant

Ogio Unisex 4.0 Gear Bag - Ogio is a leader in marketing and supplying the Powersports industry with performance gear comprised of bags, packs, ramps, stands and other accessories. OGIO's focus on innovative products is paralleled with the finest quality construction using premium materials that have been rigorously tested against blowouts, abrasion, color fading.


Tennis just like other sports you would want to stay clear of equipment such as rackets. Tennis players will have a certain preference of name brand, weight, and how the racket is strung. Also stay away from any kind of training equipment. One the gift could be taken as an insult insinuation the person is not a good tennis player or it may not be the training they need. Here are two of the top suggested items on the Tennis wish list. 

1. Performance Wear - 2. Tennis Balls

Adidas Performance Women's Tennis Core Tank - Complete your new adidas tennis with the sequencials core tank. Tennis tank features a scoop neck, contrast piping and a contrast Melange fabric panel at the sides. Made with soft, cotton feel Climalite fabric for superior moisture management.

Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls
  • America's #1 selling tennis ball.
  • Official tennis ball of USTA League Tennis.
  • Controlled fiber release for consistent nap.
  • Natural rubber for consistent feel and reduced shock.
  • Interlocked wool fiber for longer wear.

One other great gift idea for any sports lover is a gift card for a hotel stay at a place like Best Western. With this gift they can travel to a sporting event, a golf course out of town they have always wanted to play, to a favorite destination for a fishing excursion, or anywhere they want. 

We hope this has been of great help in finding that sporting good item for that friend or loved one that loves sports. If you have any other ideas our readers may like please leave them in the comment section of this post. We thank you for reading andwish you the best in your search for a gift.

If you would like addition help or have any specific questions regarding a gift in a particular sport please feel free to email us and we will help you the best we can. Be it searching for you to find a specific item or just answering a question about a specific sport or product you can reach us at

Friday, November 21, 2014

Slow Play in Golf?

There seems to be a great deal of talk lately about slow play, the causes, and how to fix it.

There was a recent article by Golf Digest titled "The Real Cause of Slow Play Isn't What You Think". Although it's title would make you think they have figured it out, it may not be so true.

Ok, so maybe I am a lucky golfer when it comes to slow play and that may be why I have a different opinion on the matter. See the thing is I have not played a round of golf over four and a half hours in seven years and that was on a professional mini-tour. We will leave the name of the tour and reasons out of this, but we will just say it was bad management on the tours part and not the players faults.

I play golf two to three times a week. Some private clubs, some resort, and some public courses. The reasons I see that are being called "slow play" are more noticeable at public courses, but have no relation to what every organization and golf magazine want to dub as slow play. The truth to what really slows most golfers down is that most have no desire to take lessons anymore due to certain television networks and the internet. They all want to fix their game themselves if at all. Bad shots leads to more shots which leads to more time. If we could convince more golfers to take lessons and improve their games we could see a decrease in the time it takes to play golf.

What if I was to tell you that is still not the issue? Would you believe me?  Probably not. It is a growing issue at more private and public courses than at resorts. The real issue regarding slow play is really just the opposite. The real issue has become all the golfing authorities pushing that there is a issue with slow play. The real issue has to do with the perception of what slow is.

Here is the real issue - Golfer Have Become in to much of a Hurry!

There it is, there is the real culprit. Golfers are in to much of a hurry these days. It is something I have seen more and more over the years at clubs I have worked at and course I have played. Would you believe that most golfers now would consider a four hour round as slow? Why? Because they are in a hurry.

I have played rounds of golf with people at various courses along the Gulf Coast and have seen people complain that their round is taking too long even though the finish in under four hours. This is crazy right? Well what happens is the perception the human mind creates when two things happen on a golf course. The first time a golfer has to wait to hit a shot or when/if they notice there is no group in front of the group directly in front of them. This is regardless of how long they have been out there or how things are moving along.

A great example of this is a round I played the other day at The Oaks Golf Club in Pass Christian, MS. When we tees off there was no group in front of us. It wasn't until the third hole we caught up to a group. Immediately one of my playing partners stated "great this is going to take all day now" The remainder of the day we waited on every tee for that group ahead to clear before we could hit our shots. I was in no hurry, had no where to go, and it was a beautiful day. I continued to play well while my playing partner did not as he couldn't stand waiting. The point however is his perception that it was going to be slow. When we finished I asked him how long do you think we were playing? His response was five hours. I felt we were not out there any longer than four hours. The real time it took us to play, as a foursome behind another foursome, was three hours and forty-five minutes.

So there you have it. One golfers perception of how long a round took compared to another golfers. This has happened more and more over the years. Golfers want to get to a course go straight to the tee, play and be gone in 3 hours. Golf, unless playing on a professional tour, is recreational sport meant to be enjoyed. If you do not have at least six hours in your day to devote to a round of golf then perhaps one shouldn't play. When I say six hours I am talking about drive time, range/warm up, and four to four and a half hours for golf.

So now that you have a different look at what slow play really is, what can we do about it? The real and honest answer to that is....Nothing. We can't make golfers relax, enjoy themselves, and not be in such a hurry. Maybe this article however will be a start to have golfers look at things a bit different.

Next time you are on a golf course pay attention to what is actually going on and how others perceive it to be happening. You will be amazed to see how golfers are in a hurry when they really have no reason to be. 

Now I also know this will not be the case everywhere and some courses have a real issue with five hour plus rounds of golf. However what is the problem with being on a golf course for five hours? Perhaps those golfers that don't want to be outside on a golf course would rather be stuck in a office cubicle or any place besides enjoying the beauty of nature, relaxing and enjoying the game. 

This article was written by Kyle Hrubes, a golf professional, entrepreneur, owner of Hrubes Sportz, and author of Manage Your Golf Game

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Weight Loss in Under 30 Days!

Yes, you read the title of this article correctly - Weight Loss in Under 30 Days!

We know with so many different weight loss products promising so much, it can be hard to believe you can lose weight in less than 30 days. Not only is that true, but it is the healthiest way we have ever seen. It's not a fad diet or gimmick either.

The problem most people have with losing weight and dieting is that mostly all products out their promise this and promise that, but fail to tell you other things needed to go with that program or diet. Some do give you tips on a healthier lifestyle and others just say use some "magic pill", but most do not deliver and very few have any kind of support.

Well what we found in this particular weight loss program is, their is no hype and no promises that can't deliver. Instead this program delivers real results to real people like you. There are even thousands of testimonials of real people that have used this product. Some have gone as far as posting YouTube videos of themselves of before and after.

So how does this work?

Simply put, it is a comprehensive supplementation and nutrition program that helps give your body the jump-start it need to reach your goals. This is done in two phases and how this program achieves such great success.

The first phase helps to rid your body of toxins and prepares your body to better absorb nutrients. Once this is done you move into the second phase that is about fueling your body in order to achieve maximum results.

The daily nutritional guide that comes with this program is another great part of why it is so successful. We know what you are thinking. Another guide of nasty food and small portions. Well guess what? That is not the case. The foods you are suggested to eat will not only surprise you, but you will enjoy and possibly forget you are trying to lose weight. This is done by focusing on a large variety of lean protein, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates as well as a variety of snacks. That is way different than those other programs telling you that carbohydrates and snacks are bad for you.

What we found really put this program over the top of every other one out there are the tools it comes with besides the great daily nutritional guide. From the very start you a given an assessment guide to assess how you are when you begin so there is a level of comparison to assess yourself again during and when finished. But the best tool is an app that you can download to track all your progress. This app is great for logging your food and water intake, logging workouts, or designate a coach as well as have a community to share progress and tips with others who are completing this program. The app even has a user guide to help you know how to use it and understand how it works.

Besides all the great things the program does and what it comes with there are recommendations of other products, also known as companion products, that complement the program and help target specific needs.

One other benefit this program has is the company itself. If you like what the program has done for you, then you can become a distributor and help other achieve the same success you did and make some extra money in doing so.

If you would like to know more about this program, the company, or the opportunity this company offers click on one of the following links.

We hope you have found this information on our review of what we believe to be the best weight loss program out today. If you decide to give it a try we wish you great success in reaching your goals.


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Friday, November 7, 2014

New Golf Instruction Book Out

We have found what could be the best product review we have done in the golf instruction market. Finally there is a book teaching you how to become a better golfer and it has nothing to do with swing changes, gimmicks or training aids.

It is about one of the least taught methods in golf, but the one method that all the top players in the world use to play at their best. The reason why this is not taught is also stated in the book and it is a shocking truth that you will understand.

There is absolutely no reason why a major majority of golfers do not know about this. We found this simple to understand and even simpler to implement into our golf game. The greatest thing about it is that we only had to read it once and apply it to our next round of golf to see the difference it can make. It was also available for immediate download so we didn't have to wait to get it.

We don't want to give away to much about this book, but what we can tell you is it should and will make a difference in your game. Follow the link below and find out for yourself!

We will be testing this with a number of different golfers as well to get their feedback. Once we do we will have a follow up article with how it has changed their golf game. 

Book is also available in paperback through

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cold Weather and Sports

Now that the cold weather has gotten here do you have the proper clothing for your sporting activities?

Today we will go over what is needed for cold weather athletics.

It doesn't matter what sport you are playing or if it's just for exercise, if you want to do any of things outside you will need one thing - Cold Gear. Now when it comes to Cold Gear we will use the leader in the technology, Under Armour, as examples. Even though Adidas, Nike and some other top name brands also have Cold Gear it is Under Armour who first came out with the technology in 1997.

First we will go over what the difference is between Cold Gear, Heat Gear, and All Season Gear. There have been some misconceptions over the difference between Cold Gear and Heat Gear. We want you to have a clear and educated understanding of the differences. The definitions and explanations below are according to Under Armour. Other brands may vary from this, but we feel they all follow a similar guideline and any variations would only be slight.

Cold Gear -

  • Built for cold weather, typically under 55 degrees
  • Designed to keep you warm, comfortable and dry during cold weather activities.
  • Promotes blood flow and insulates your body with specifically designed fabrics.
  • Lightweight Material
  • Moisture transportation system to wick sweat away from the body
  • Breathable fabric
Heat Gear -
  • Built for extremely warm and hot conditions.
  • Designed to keep you coo and dry during warm/hot weather activities.
  • Incredibly light weight materials.
  • Superior moisture transportation system to wick sweat from your body.
  • Breathable fabric to improve air flow.
  • Quick drying material. 
All Season Gear -
  • Built for changing weather conditions or mild temperatures.
  • Made from radical fabrics that actually flex with changing conditions. 
  • Regulates body temperature with maximum breath-ability and moisture wicking capabilities, to keep you comfortable in changing conditions. 

All these different types of Gear Technology will also vary depending on what activity or sport you are playing and how much warmth you need depending on the climate where you live. For example you may wear a cold gear undershirt under a normal golf shirt while playing golf and not need additional outerwear. Or perhaps you need cold gear leggings to go under your sweats as well for running. 

Most Cold Gear for designed for athletic activities will come in the form of Compression Fit, meaning it is designed to fit snugly to your body. It is also available for for both men, women and kids. Exercise activities are the most common reason women wear cold gear, especially women's cold gear leggings. For women that participate in sports activities such as softball or running they will also be seen wearing a long sleeve cold gear undershirt. For kids this has become a newer thing and you will most likely find kids wearing a cold gear undershirt while participating in football. 

Cold Gear is not limited to under garments, also known as Baselayer, and is not limited to conventional sports activities. If you really think about it people have been wearing Cold Gear for a very long time now in the form of regular sweatshirts and sweatpants. It is just that the technology has improved to be more effective in both warmth and comfort, with the addition of looking stylish as well. Whether it's just a casual pullover hoodie, a pair of socks, or hood mask designed specifically for hunting, no matter what activity you choose you can find cold gear for you.

As you can see cold gear can be very beneficial in keeping you warm for any activity you choose during those cold months. You don't have to sacrifice your outdoor activities to stay warm. If you are one that doesn't enjoy sports or physical activity but want the benefits of cold gear you don't have to go with compression fit you can choose to go with the cold gear outerwear.

We hope we have given you some helpful information for sports in cold weather regardless of what activity you choose. Stay warm and play hard. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gulf Coast Softball - Part 2 - Equipment

As promised from our previous article, Gulf Coast Softball and where to play, here we will breakdown the various equipment you need to play.

As we previously talked about the different leagues you can play in (Men's only, Women's only, and Co-Ed)  there are also different types of formats within those leagues.

Overhand Fast Pitch - This is mostly played by the all Men's leagues that are more athletic and skilled than the average man.

Underhand Fast Pitch - This is mostly played by all Women's leagues that are more athletic and skilled than the average woman.

Overhand Slow Pitch - This is played by every league but more commonly with all men's leagues. The idea of overhand slow pitch is that the ball must be pitched with an arc unlike the overhand fast pitch.

Underhand Slow Pitch - This is the most common format of them all. Played ball all leagues but more popular with the Co-Ed leagues. The ball must be pitched with an arc.

Now depending on which league you join and the format of that league the equipment changes. Lets start with the Softball Gloves. There are various gloves to choose from. Gloves are for every gender as well as the format you choose to play. The pricing can also range from $20 to well over $150. This would all depend on if you are looking for Slow Pitch Gloves, Fast Pitch Gloves, or the ones that are dual format. The best option is to go to a local sporting goods store and see what fits you properly. After that it would be best to look online and find the best price. Here is an example of a great mid price range glove.

Mizuno's Franchise slowpitch glove series is constructed from pre-oiled, Java Leather that is game ready and long lasting. Hi-Low Lacing maintains the integrity of a fully laced web while providing added flexibility for easier closure. The Parashock palm pad provides added protection while the PowerLock closure ensures a secure fit for maximum performance. 12.5 Inch Model Tartan X Web Pre-oiled, Java Leather Hi-Low Lacing Parashock Palm Pad PowerLock Closure -


Next we have bats. Bats are the same as gloves, in that every bat is for a different format. Besides Fast Pitch Bats or Slow Pitch Bats you will also find that softball bats vary in length and weight as

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Gulf Coast Softball - Where can you play?

As adults want to become more active while also being social, one would wonder what options are out there. We decided to do a search for the most popular sport amongst adults, Softball, and where one can play.

Why is softball the most popular? 

Simple, it is a sport for both men and women. There are all men's leagues, all women's leagues, and co-ed or mixed leagues. 

Even with it's popularity, why does it appear there are no places for adult sports much less adult softball? 

Main reason is that even with today's technology most parks and leagues do not have a website or any kind of web presence. The only way to find most of these leagues is to know someone already involved in one. Now as I mention this I am only talking about the Gulf Coast region from Lake Charles, LA to Panama City, FL. If you search for softball leagues in say Michigan or other areas up north you will find a great deal of information. 

We don't know if it is due to budget, laziness, complacency, or some other reason that softball complexes and leagues along the Gulf Coast do not have a stronger web presence, but it needs to change. Think about it this way. If you are new to an area ad want to find things to get involved in what is the first thing you would do to find it? Search the internet right? Of course you would. 

We found nine, only nine in the entire region. We know of more than that from traveling throughout the area. We have seen, been to or at least heard of twice that many along the Gulf Coast. We will mention a few of those later, but here are the ones we found. 

Listed from West to East:
Now that we have listed the only nine we have found be searching the internet, we also know of Adult leagues and Sports complexes in Lafayette, LA - Slidell, LA - Bay St. Louis, MS - Gulfport, MS - Biloxi, MS - Mobile, AL - and Gulf Shores, AL. Most have an affiliation with the USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) and you can find leagues through them. The three biggest not found via search we knew where and how to find them. 

Acadiana Sports Leagues - Located in Lafayette, LA
Gulf Shores Sportsplex - Located in Gulf Shores, AL
Gulfport Sportsplex - Located in Gulfport, MS

We found the best way to find whats in your area was to actually search for softball fields using Google Maps. Although this worked on finding field locations, not all fields or complexes had any kind of contact information. However this would allow you to know where they are located and you can swing by to inquire if they have adult leagues. 

We do hope this has been very helpful to you. If you know of any other softball leagues or complexes please leave comments so others can know as well. 

Once you have found a league the next thing is to get the right equipment. We will do another article on that at a later date. Until then feel free to browse our Sports Store

Monday, September 15, 2014

Golf Course Review - Farm d'Allie - LA

Today's review comes from Carencro, a small town just north of Lafayette, LA with a litle known hidden gem called Farm d'Allie Golf Club.

Having heard good things of Farm d'Allie about their course layout and conditions we wanted to see for ourselves. We got our perfect opportunity as they just re-opened labor day after completing a construction project that included new greens.  

Once arriving at the course and seeing what looks to be a temporary clubhouse, you wonder if you are at the right place. Yes you are. Although it appears to be temporary they have all the necessities for a round of golf. There is a full service pro shop, bar and grill, restrooms, and even a second snack house, they call the Farm House, out by the driving range.

The friendly staff at Farm d'Allie truly shows what Southern Louisiana Charm is all about. From the moment we were greeted to the moment we left, the staff did a wonderful job of making us feel welcome and like family. Farm d'Allie is also one of the very few golf courses not only in the state of Louisiana but also along the entire golf coast to have a LPGA Member Class A Professional. 

The golf course has a full driving range and separate teaching area along with a large practice putting green. The only thing we didn't like about the practice areas was the layout of where they were situated. The driving range is placed nicely close to both the first and tenth tee's making it easy to warm up then proceed to the starting tee. There is even a very nice short game area next to the driving range where you can work on bunker shots and short wedge shots up to about 50 yards. The practice green however is by the clubhouse. From the driving range it is past the tenth tee behind the eighteenth and ninth greens in an area that could be next to where a permanent clubhouse might be built in the future. If the routing of the golf course was to change and the tenth hole becomes the first hole this could be fine in the future, but the way it is now is somewhat a issue when it comes to warming up before a round of golf. If you are like us and hit balls first then proceed to the practice green then to the first tee the walk from the range to the practice green and then backtracking to the first tee is not ideal, especially when you have to stop for groups teeing off on ten. 

All in all the practice facilities serve their purpose and it is a good start before your round. 

The course itself did not disappoint. Although we found the routing to be a bit strange for a few holes, each individual hole has it's own character with a good mix of yardages for each one. The course starts and ends with par five's which can make it fun for the group that has a little something extra on the line or for the opportunity to start and finish well. We particularly found the par three's to be a delight, with not one playing the same yardage the entire day. One par three in-particular was fun with a very unique design. You will know which one when you go play there. 

Our only concern with the golf course came with the conditions. One we found the fairways to be cut very long. The ball sat up so high that it was like hitting out of a first cut of rough form other golf courses. They were still beautiful and we believe this was a result from the recent rains that soaked the area or form over fertilizing. The longer grass results in less spin on the ball, even when hitting an approach with a wedge, that made it very difficult hitting into new, firm greens. Our other concern is in the greens themselves. The greens rolled great and true all day, but for some reason there were a few greens that looked like they are already struggling or dying in some areas. For a course that has only been back open for a few weeks with new grass we do not see why this would happen. One green was really bad and had sand on almost one quarter of it. (note: this did not affect the pin location or play-ability of the green in any way). It is our understanding that the small areas we saw are similar to what caused the course to close and re-construct the greens in the first place.  Now whether this is a cause in recent weather, the soil itself, the maintenance, or some other reason only time will tell. 

Even with our concerns of the future of the golf course itself these were small areas and by no means did they affect the play of the golf course. It was all mostly the aesthetics of the course that were affected in theses  areas. 

Overall we are very pleased with Farm d'Allie Golf Club. With a good layout, mature trees, good conditions, and a very friendly staff we recommend this course as a must play if you are in the area.

Overall Experience
Course Conditions
Course Design
Value Received